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On his pro-Israel work, the direction of the Democratic Party, and whether conditioning American military aid to Israel is a good idea
By Yochonon Donn
Litvish, chassidish, or Sephardic. It made no difference to him. A Yid was a Yid, and was precious in his eyes
By Ari Maryles
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Three successful entrepreneurs share how they turned a profit from doing what they love most
By Eliana Cline
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Can a new push for a halachically compatible prenup put an end to the tragedy of agunos and often vicious divorce proceedings that drag on endlessly, causing untold pain and hurt?
By Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger
He was a close confidant of the Chazon Ish and a faithful shaliach of gedolei Yisrael, but Reb Nochum Yoel Halpern's children remember something else: a man who ran from honor eve ...
By Riki Goldstein
Family First Feature
What if we could step away from the power struggles, and have stronger, healthier relationships with our children? Shelley Malka is working to make this a reality
By Shoshana Schwartz
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The Open Mic piece on “Why Risk Shidduchim?” has drawn significant feedback. Here is a sampling
By Mishpacha Readers
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The primal lesson of a house of prayer in our very physical and spiritually inhospitable world
By Rabbi Moshe Grylak
What fuels the climate change activists — science or politics?
By Yonoson Rosenblum
Family Reflections
Align your messages to avoid confusion and pain
By Sarah Chana Radcliffe
Risk Factor
“For what he did, I forgave him the minute he did it. But for being the reason he did it, I will never forgive myself”
By Rabbi Yossi Bensoussan
04 December 2019
6 Kislev 5780
Barbecue Beef Lasagna 
This is an easy, weeknight version: barbecue beef lasagna.
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Barbara Bensoussan is the quintessential Jewish dropout who never finished her Ph.D. but went on to teach English and Introductory Psychology at the University of Michigan.  She worked as a social worker for OHEL, an ESL teacher, and various other stints before easing into full time writing.  Her 20-year-plus career followed the growth of frum publishing, and she wrote articles for many Jewish publications before settling in at Mishpacha.  Barbara is the author of the young adult novel A New Song (Targum), the food memoir The Well-Spiced Life (Israel Bookshop), and the co-author of Converted Masters, an art book; she has also authored private memoirs and taught writing workshops.  All of this, of course, gets accomplished in the margins of Barbara’s day job as a wife, mother and grandmother.

Having learned for more than a decade in the Mir yeshiva, and graduated from the Ner L’Elef outreach training program, Gedalia Guttentag co-founded Inspired Tel Aviv, a kiruv center serving international olim to Israel’s cultural capital, where he and his wife teach. In addition, he is currently completing his semicha.

Gedalia writes the Eye on Europe and Knesset Channel columns, and is a regular feature contributor.

Gershon Burstyn is the news and feature editor for Mishpacha magazine. Before coming to Mishpacha, Gershon was the editor of World Jewish Digest, a monthly magazine, and worked as a reporter and editor at Bloomberg News, SmartMoney.com, People magazine, and freelanced widely. He is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and lives in Ramat Bet Shemesh with his wife and four kids.

Sara Eisemann is a certified clinical therapist from Oak Park, Mi. where she resides with her husband of 30 years in their almost empty nest. A proud mother of five she has been known to babble unabashedly into her phone when her new grandson is on the line. Completing a Master’s in Social Work at Wayne State University, Sara practiced at Jewish Family Service of Detroit, providing individual, group and family therapy. She discovered a new passion for human dignity when she joined Windows, the domestic violence prevention program at JFS. Switching careers in 2007 joining Camp Agudah Midwest enabled her to use her people skills in a completely different context.  Currently, Sara acts as a dating coach, the occasional lecturer, and a Family First columnist answering shidduch questions in MatchQuest. She is dedicated to bringing self-awareness, authenticity and depth to our relationships with each other and with Hashem.

What happens when three musicians in yarmulkes set up shop in the subway station during rush hour? Watch Joey Newcomb in action!
Barbara Bensoussan