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1 Submissions and Letters

Send a letter to the editor

Send a letter to the rabbinical advisory board

Submit to Mishpacha and Family First

Submit to Family Table

Submit to Jr., TeenPages, and Calligraphy

Submit a correction

Mishpacha thanks all of our readers for their letters and comments. We accept letters by e-mail and surface mail. Due to printing deadlines, most letters can only be published two weeks after they are received. You can send your letter to the editor in the following ways:
Email: inbox@mishpacha.com
Fax: +972-(0)77-202-0501
Send a letter: Mishpacha, 11 Kiryat HaMada, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, Israel

What are the guidelines for letter submissions?
All letters will be considered for publication unless otherwise indicated. We urge our readers to keep letters as brief and to the point as possible. Letters not meant for publication may be any length.
The letter may not have been submitted to, posted to, or published by any other media. Writers with any personal or financial interest in their letter’s publication should disclose this.

How are letters selected for publication?
Letters are selected for publication in Mishpacha based on a range of factors including the perspective they will add to a discussion and the quality of articulation.

Are letters edited?
Letters are edited for clarity, fact checked and sometimes trimmed to fit the space available in the magazine. The opinions expressed are always the writer’s own.

Why wasn’t my letter published?
Due to the large amount of letters that we receive each week for Inbox, we are unable to print all of them. However, every letter is received and read by our editorial board and we value the feedback.

How can I contact Mishpacha’s Rabbinic Advisory Board ?
To contact Mishpacha’s Rabbinic Advisory Board, write to rabbis@mishpacha.com or fax (718) 686-0404 or +972-(0)77-202-0501.

Do Mishpacha publications welcome submissions?
All Mishpacha publications welcome submissions. Please note that we only publish original material. As the production process generally runs several months in advance, please submit time-sensitive submissions at least two months prior to the relevant date. The best way to submit material is by e-mail to submissions@mishpacha.com. Please specify in the subject line of your email, the section your submission is intended for. Ground-mailed or faxed submissions may not receive a reply.

Can I pitch a feature to Mishpacha or Family First?
Mishpacha and Family First welcome pitches for feature articles of 3,000 to 5,000 words. To pitch a feature article, please submit a story outline including why the story would interest Mishpacha or Family First readers, and the context that makes the story timely and applicable. Please indicate any access to sources, documents, photos, and other pertinent materials. The entire pitch should be no longer than three paragraphs and must also include your resume and three prior feature writing samples.

Can I submit a story for Fiction, Real Life, Windows, Musings, or LifeTakes?
Yes. Family First welcomes stories of 1,500-3,000 words and personal essays of 750 – 800 words. Please note in your submission whether the story is true, based on a true story, or fiction.

Can I pitch a serial or column to Mishpacha, Family First, Teen, or Jr.?
Mishpacha magazines generally do not select serials and columns on a submission basis. However, you may send an outline of the story or column idea as well as three sample chapters or columns for consideration. Please include your resume listing prior publication.

How can I submit my story for LifeLines?
To have your story retold by C. Saphir in LifeLines, e-mail a brief synopsis to lifelines@mishpacha.com or call +1-(718)-686-9339 extension 87204 and leave a message. Details will be changed to assure confidentiality.

Can I submit a story, a photo, or a quote to The Moment? How can I participate in 5 out of 10?
We appreciate your submissions to The Moment! Please e-mail themoment@mishpacha.com.

I have a powerful story, but would rather not write it myself. Can I submit my story to be told by a Mishpacha or Family First writer?
To have your story considered for an article by a Mishpacha writer, please submit a summary of your story to submissions@mishpacha.com.

How can I send a tip to In My Kitchen?
E-mail your tip to recipes@mishpacha.com.

How do I submit a recipe for Cooks Compete?
Send it in to recipes@mishpacha.com and we’ll prepare it at our Cooks Compete party to be tasted and rated. Good luck!

Wait, can I actually hold a Cooks Compete party?
Yes, you can! E-mail recipes@mishpacha.com for details and we’ll help you get it off the ground.

Can I send in a food-related article to Family Table?
Although Family Table does not seek full-length article submissions, exceptional submissions will be accepted from time to time.

Can I submit my restaurant for a Family Table review?
If you would like your restaurant considered for review by Family Table, please e-mail recipes@mishpacha.com.

Does Jr. accept submissions?
Yes. Jr. welcomes entertaining and lively prose, with a focus on stories that impart values in a sophisticated manner for children aged 6 – 11. Submissions may be fiction or nonfiction stories of 1,000 –1,400 words. Send your submission to junior@mishpacha.com.

May I submit my story to Calligraphy?
Calligraphy welcomes plot-driven fiction with strong movement, strong characters, and strong writing of 2,000 – 4,500 words. Send your story to submissions@mishpacha.com.

I’d like to be published in TeenPages. What sort of thing can I submit?
First of all, are you a teen? For TeenPages, submissions from teens themselves will be given special consideration. If you are a teenager, let us know! TeenPages welcomes features and interviews of 1,000 – 1,300 words and up to 1,900 words for Yom Tov supplements. We also welcome short fiction, including historical fiction, and personal essays of 800 – 1,900 words, as well as recipes and crafts. Send your submission to teenpages@mishpacha.com.

I am a teen, but don’t really want to write a whole article. I’d just like to comment in Teen Talk. What are the guidelines?
For Teen Talk, please send in 600 – 650 words on the relevant question. We’re happy to hear from you! Contact us at teenpages@mishpacha.com.

How may I inform Mishpacha of an error in one of your publications or on your website?
Thank you for letting us know. For errors in publications, please email us at inbox@mishpacha.com to inform us of the error including the name of the publication, date, issue number, and article where the error appeared. For errors in web content  please inform us of the error via email here. Please include the URL of the content in which the error was made.

2 Subscriptions, Back Issues, and Custom Covers

Subscribe to Mishpacha

Order back issues

Order custom covers

How do I subscribe to Mishpacha?
You can subscribe to Mishpacha magazine online, by telephone, or by e-mail. To learn more and to subscribe, please visit our subscriptions page.

How do I give Mishpacha magazine as a gift?
Please visit our subscription page for more information and to place your order.

Does Mishpacha offer group subscription rates?
Yes. Please contact your regional subscription office regarding the size of your group order.
US & Canada: usoffice@mishpacha.com
Israel, Europe & International: subscribenow@mishpacha.com

How can I order a back issue in print?
Please contact your regional office to order back issues from any of our print magazines.

Can I order a single article in print?
No, you must purchase the entire back issue with the article you are looking for. You can request to view a single article online, by following the instructions in the following section (see ‘Website’).

Does Mishpacha offer special rates for ordering back issues in bulk?
Yes, if we have your desired quantity in stock.

What are custom covers?
Custom covers are Mishpacha magazine covers with images and text coordinated with special occasions such as family simchahs, corporate events, and other occasions. They are not printed as covers of the publication for the general public.


Is it a full magazine?
It is a front / back cover, and inside covers, bound around that week’s magazine

Does Mishpacha provide text for custom covers?
No, all text and images for custom covers must be provided by the customer. Mishpacha provides graphic design services.

Can my custom cover feature Family First, TeenPages, or other Mishpacha cover designs?
Yes. Your custom cover can be the cover of any Mishpacha publication, including Mishpacha, Family First, Family Table, Jr. or TeenPages.

Do I receive a full magazine package?
Yes, a custom cover order includes the full magazine package that is published that week, even if you are only customizing one section.  

How can I order a Custom Cover for my event?
Custom cover orders are currently available in the US only, with a minimum quantity requirement of 20 pieces. The customer is responsible for arranging pickup from our Brooklyn office. For more information please contact the office.


3 Website

Use the website

Manage your account

Manage newsletters subscriptions

Can I access everything on Mishpacha.com?
All content on Mishpacha.com is available to all. The first time you write a comment, you will be asked to complete a quick registration process. It should take you no more than one minute.

Where can I access Mishpacha.com? Is it available on mobile and tablet?
Yes. You can access Mishpacha.com on web browsers on all devices.

How do I print an article on Mishpacha.com?
Beneath every article is a print button; when you click on it, your browser will show a new screen with a print-friendly version of the article. Articles can be printed to a PDF document or hard (paper) copy.

How do I e-mail an article on Mishpacha.com?
Beneath every article is an e-mail button; when you click on it, an e-mail pop-up will appear on your screen.

How do I share Mishpacha.com articles?
Beneath every article is a social media share button; when you click on it, a pop-up will appear on your screen allowing you to share the article on your Facebook, Twitter feed, or other social media accounts.

I’d like to find a particular Mishpacha article from a while back. How can I find it?
You can search for the article by keyword using the search button located on the top right corner of the website. If you know the date or issue number of the original article, you can locate it on our archive page.

I located the article online, but I can only view an excerpt; how can I obtain the full version of the article?
You can send us a request for the full online version of the article.  Please make sure to include the URL of the article you are looking for. You will receive a response within 2 business days.

I cannot find the article I am looking for on the website. Can you help?
Yes. Please send us an email with all of the information about the article you are seeking and we will do our best to assist you. You will receive a response within 7 business days. If your request is time sensitive, please specify this in the subject line of your email.

I think something is wrong with Mishpacha.com. Who can I talk to about this?
Thanks for helping out. Let us know here. 

What does “login” mean? Why “login”?
The first time you write a comment, you will be asked to complete a quick registration process. It should take you no more than one minute.
You will be asked for a display name and your city and country of residence. Both of these items will be displayed publicly on Mishpacha.com when your comment is published. While you are free to use a pseudonym, we ask that you state your city and country honestly for the benefit of the conversation.

I haven’t received an e-mail confirming my username and password. What now?
Check your spam folder to see if the confirmation email was tagged as spam. Mark the sender as ‘not spam’ to ensure you receive future emails into your inbox. If the email does not appear in your spam folder, contact us for further assistance. 

I forgot my username and/or password. What now?
Click on the ‘forgot my password’ link on the login screen, and follow the instructions to reset your settings.

When I move houses or change my e-mail, how can I change my account settings?
You can change your account setting, including address and e-mail, by clicking the ‘Edit my Profile’ button located at the top right corner of the website.

How can I subscribe to Mishpacha.com’s newsletter?
To subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email address into the ‘sign up for our newsletter’ bar located at the bottom of the website.

I subscribed to the newsletter, but it hasn’t come. What now?
First check that your newsletters have not gone into your Spam or Junk folders. If they have, move them to your main inbox and mark to ensure that they continue to be filed with your regular e-mail.
If after checking your Spam or Junk e-mail you see that you have received no newsletters, contact us and let us know when you subscribed. We’re happy to help.

5 Conversation Guidelines

Conversation Guidelines

What kind of conversation takes place on Mishpacha.com?
Mishpacha facilitates intelligent conversation on topics relevant to the Jewish People. We bring this conversation online with select material that is comment-enabled. When an article is enabled for discussion, it will appear on homepage under the ‘Conversations’ heading.
Your insights, knowledge, and points of view are welcomed. Courteous, relevant comments will be approved by our moderators and posted on our website.
Our standards are reflected in our magazines and on Mishpacha.com; we expect your comments to follow that example. We will not publish personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity (including expletives and letters followed by dashes), commercial promotion, impersonations, incoherence and SHOUTING.

Why do you moderate conversation?
Our goal is to facilitate substantive conversation for the Jewish world. By screening comments, we have created a space where participants can join in meaningful public discourse.
While most comments will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive, moderating decisions are subjective. We will make them as carefully and consistently as we can. We cannot review individual moderation decisions with conversation participants and generally cannot alter a comment once it is posted.

How do I join the conversation?
The first time you write a comment, you will be asked to complete a quick registration process. It should take you no more than one minute.
You will be asked for a display name and your city and country of residence. Both of these items will be displayed publicly on Mishpacha.com. While you are free to use a pseudonym, we ask that you state your city and country honestly for the benefit of the conversation.
When writing a comment, we request that you be thoughtful, civil, and articulate. In the vast majority of cases, we only accept comments written in English.

Why do some conversations have comments closed?
Because most comments are screened by a human moderator, the number of comments that we are capable of moderating each day is limited. Most conversations remain open for participation for about two weeks.
We prioritize the conversations we deem most relevant at any given time. It is unfortunate that some of these discussions do not have the chance to further evolve, but the benefit is that we’re able to host civil conversations.

Why do I have to register?
To ensure that you are a person (not a bot) and that you accept our terms and conditions, we ask you to complete the simple Mishpacha.com registration process. The registration process facilitates the development of our online community, and helps members take responsibility for their writings.

When and where will my comment be displayed?
Since comments are moderated, they do not appear on the site until they have been approved. Moderation occurs Sunday through Friday, but can be less frequent on Fridays, Erev Yom Tov, and Chol Hamoed. Comments are neither moderated nor posted on Shabbos and Yom Tov.
Comments are displayed on the relevant conversation page. We reserve the right to display comments in a variety of ways, including within the text of articles or in advertisements.

Do you edit comments?
No. Comments are either approved or rejected. We reserve the right to edit a comment that is quoted or excerpted in any content or marketing related to The Mishpacha Group.

What are Highlighted Comments?
Highlighted Comments are a selection of comments that represent a range of views and are judged the most interesting and thoughtful. Mishpacha may highlight comments from a particular region, or readers with first-hand knowledge of an issue.

I found an inappropriate comment. What do I do?
Click Flag to the right of a comment, select the reasons you believe it should be removed and submit the report. Our moderation staff will review the comment again.

Should I use my real name when making a comment?
Using your real name is not required, but it is encouraged — we have found that people who use their names carry on more engaging, respectful conversations. We recommend against posting your full e-mail address, for security reasons.
A reminder: Once your comment is published, it can be found in search results on websites like Google and Yahoo. A Mishpacha staff member may occasionally use the e-mail address you have listed in the My Account area for follow-up. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

What about criticism of Mishpacha?
We welcome strong opinions and criticism of our work, and do not hesitate to approve critical comments. However, personal attacks against our staff will not be permitted, and any criticism should relate to the topic in question. Generally, we will not allow comments to become bogged down with discussions of our moderation policies, and we will moderate accordingly.

Why didn’t I get my confirmation e-mail?
The confirmation e-mail is sent automatically, but it may take a little while before it arrives in your Inbox. Also, you may want to make sure that we have your current e-mail address associated with your registration. To check this, please go to check the email address on your profile page. If the confirmation e-mail was sent to an outdated address, or you did not receive it after 24 hours, please contact us.
If you think you are having problems receiving e-mail from Mishpacha.com please contact us.

Can I use a different display name for some comments?
No. You are free to change your display name, but these changes will apply to all of your past comments.

What if I see an error in a Mishpacha article? What is the best way to suggest a correction?
We appreciate it when conversation participants point out errors of fact or emphasis and will look into all assertions. These suggestions can be submitted via email. To avoid distracting other readers, we won’t publish comments that suggest a correction. Instead, corrections will be made at the top of an article.

6 Policies & Permissions

Policies & Permissions

I’d like to use Mishpacha material on my blog or newsletter. Is that okay?
Yes, Mishpacha material may be used online with attribution. However, excerpts may not be used in a manner or context that changes their meaning. No additions, deletions, or changes may be made to any of Mishpacha’s content.
Content must be attributed to Mishpacha with a hyperlink stating, “Originally published on Mishpacha.com.” Credit must given to the author, photographer, and any other contributors associated with the content.
Additionally, all Mishpacha content is copyrighted and must include the following copyright statement: “© The Mishpacha Group Inc. All rights reserved.”

Can I just use a quote from one of Mishpacha’s magazines or website?
Yes. Each quote must be attributed to the magazine or website where it originally appeared and to the relevant author or speaker.
All content from Mishpacha must be quoted verbatim. Quotes may not be published selectively in a manner that changes their meaning, nor may they be taken out of context, or combined with a different quote to create a sentence.

Can I have a copy of one of your photographs?
We do not give permission to use our photos or send them to another party for legal reasons. Sorry about that.

I’d like to use Mishpacha material at an event I am coordinating. Is that OK?
Any mass-reproduction and distribution of Mishpacha material must be approved by Mishpacha before reprinting. Terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more information.

May Mishpacha be used for teaching purposes?
Yes. Mishpacha is a great tool for education, and we encourage its use in the classroom setting. When using Mishpacha material in lessons or workshops, please ensure that the Mishpacha logo and copyright notice appear on all copies of the material you are distributing.