The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve is a podcast hosted by Rabbi Ari Schonfeld and Rabbi Yerachmiel Garfield tackling the important parenting issues facing frum families today.

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May 20, 2024

In part two of this important topic, Rabbi Schonfeld and Rabbi Garfield continue their discussion about gemara with Rav Aaron Lopiansky.

How do you reconcile the Torah’s view of the age of the world with the theories that the scientific community suggest? How should we be teaching children that eisav soneh Yaakov practically, when they might have regular interactions with the umos haolam?

And the BIG QUESTION: How do we relay to boys who are struggling with gemara that they are as equally as important as the metzuyanim?


May 05, 2024

On our first ever episode, Rabbi Schonfeld and Rabbi Garfield discuss the burning questions parents have about raising their children.
Is there any validity to the opinion that forcing middle school boys to go to shul on Shabbos is the way to go? When your child reports “facts” that don’t line up with that the teacher says, who do you believe?

And the BIG QUESTION: Is it possible my son is not cut out for Gemara?