The Holocaust
Mishpacha, ISSUE 734-616
November 07, 2018

Over 70 years later, the almost-untold story of Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds has unleashed a worldwide movement toward heroic living

Mishpacha, ISSUE 733-615
October 31, 2018

Visions of burning shuls, looted stores, smashed homes, and men carted off can never be erased. Eighty years later, eyewitnesses recall the Night of Broken Glass

Mishpacha, ISSUE 727-589
September 12, 2018

Father Patrick Desbois is on a mission to record eyewitness testimony about every Holocaust-era mass grave site in Eastern Europe. But his efforts have taken on a new urgency

Mishpacha, ISSUE 699-581
February 21, 2018

Who was Reb Shaya Blau a”h, and how did he save so many from the Churban in Europe?

Mishpacha, ISSUE 665-547
June 21, 2017

Facing certain death, the inmates took the only tools they had — spoons, plates, screwdrivers, their bare hands — and started digging. Could they possibly fashion a tunnel that would lead to freedom from the Nazis?

Mishpacha, ISSUE 647-529
February 08, 2017

Children of Holocaust survivors grew up with adults possessed of unimaginable courage and determination. Yet many of them carry with them the scars of the past

Mishpacha, ISSUE 617-499
July 06, 2016

In one of the last interviews before his passing, Elie Wiesel shared his own tortured reflections.

Mishpacha, ISSUE
July 01, 2015

Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter’s diary might be the only surviving wartime journal written by a chassidic Jew for future generations, yet it was hidden away for decades. After two decades of painstaking work, his children recaptured not only the horrific images of war, but also the spiritual resilience of Jews who refused to give up hope.

Mishpacha, ISSUE
October 22, 2014

When Charlie Press enlisted in the US Army in 1945, he became an unwitting witness to the horrors of history in the waning days of World War II. But it took nearly 50 years until he was ready to talk about it.

Mishpacha, ISSUE 529-411
September 30, 2014

A blind, penniless Holocaust survivor stumbles into England at the end of the war, half his family gone and his prospects nil. But what begins as a tragedy ends in triumph. Hershel Herskovic decided he’d continue living.

Mishpacha, ISSUE 503-385
March 26, 2014

The day American Jewish organizations put Hitler on trial in front of the crowds at Madison Square Garden.