If we don't mourn the destruction, are we truly in galus?
Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger
Open Mic
A generation without strong and inspired mothers
Shaina King
Life Lab
Most people don’t believe me when I disclose my love for dancing. I stand too straight, and my smile is too wry
Esther Kurtz
True Account
I thought about Shlomo and this story often as my life turned over, as my world ended
Ariella Schiller
Global View
Amnesty rewrites history in bigoted West Bank report. Lest you think I am exaggerating Amnesty’s claims, I let the report, “Destination: Occupation,” speak for itself
Gershon Burstyn
Global View
The Iranian presence in Syria isn’t going anywhere. They have invested too much. There is an ideological element to this
Gershon Burstyn
5 to 9
"You’re only limited by how big you can dream"
Moe Mernick
10 Questions
15,000 minyanim, more than 6,500 locations, 70 countries
Rachel Bachrach
How do entertainers know they made the right choice?
How do entertainers know they made the right choice?
They’re going to solve the shidduch crisis with a spinner?
Bracha Stein
She took a rueful look at Leah’s flower arrangement, at Meira and Chana’s gowns, then at Yehuda’s back. “I guess not everyone read the memo about the color scheme,” she commented
Sara Lebenman
Metro & Beyond
Tragedy at Sea: The searchers speak. "The thing that kept us going was that we wanted to give the family some closure”
Yochonon Donn
Tzili Schneider wanted to bridge the chasm between chareidim and the irreligious. Her innovative program Is tearing down barriers and opening hearts
Esther Ilana Rabi
Personal Accounts
Meticulous attention to detail, a cool head, and high tolerance for long, uncomfortable journeys are all requirements for Rabbi Danny Moore’s work as a globe-trotting kashrus supervisor. “A mashgiach doesn’t pasken! My job is to see and report the facts on the ground”
Riki Goldstein
Half a century after he and his wife served as Torah teachers in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, Mishpacha’s Rabbi Moshe Grylak awakens memories of life under a brutal military dictatorship — and learns once again how history comes full circle
Rabbi Moshe Grylak
Double Take
“The Katzes’ bungalow… they’re not here this summer. There’s a new family and, Ma — they have a dog!”
Rochel (Grunewald) Samet
Family First Feature
Some mothers simply don’t feel maternal in the way society expects them to, and often feel like there's something wrong with them. Can motherhood be expressed in different ways?
Elisheva Appel and Miriam Kosman
News In Depth
Sometimes it takes a trip to the heavens to appreciate G-d’s handiwork on Earth. That’s what the Apollo 11 crew — the first men to step on the Moon — realized 50 years ago
Esther Ilana Rabi
Feature Article
Eliyahu Abramson passed away just a few short months before the 75th anniversary of D-Day. But from Omaha Beach to Aish HaTorah, his life was one long miracle
Morris Engelson
Tzili Schneider wanted to bridge the chasm between chareidim and the irreligious. Her innovative program Is tearing down barriers and opening hearts
Esther Ilana Rabi
A young college student, a Jewish girl named Michelle, walks up to the front, surprising the minister
C. Saphir
Day in the Life
Rabbi Yosef Bendrihem is the director of Camp Yedidim in Brooklyn, New York
Rachel Bachrach
What you're really craving: Joey Rosenfeld speaks to our inner addict with the language of the soul
Rachel Ginsberg
Zalman Shoval is perhaps the last remaining member of Israel’s diplomatic corps with insider knowledge of every major geopolitical event from early statehood to the present
Binyamin Rose
The Rose Report
Trump’s attacks on cryptocurrency might be timed to influence what’s going on in the Capitol this week
Binyamin Rose
Rabbi Ilan Feldman remembers Rav Shmuel Yaakov Weinberg
Rabbi Ilan Feldman
This was the Rabbi Trenk doctrine: I’m not telling you what to do. The first part isn’t important. How we got here doesn’t make a difference. Why agonize about what was? The main thing is to move forward
Yisroel Besser
Change it up with this grilled chicken dish
Faigy Grossman
These crackers are just as yummy, but they will actually fill you up because of their fiber and healthy fat content!
Rorie Weisberg
Dr. Jonathan Ringo fuses heart and hi-tech at Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital
Margie Pensak
On Topic
Have allergies, will travel. Here's how
Eliana Cline
More Business
What You Need to Know
“What good is it having a belly if there’s no fire in it? Wake up, drink your passion, light a match, and get to work,”
Jacob M. Engel
I read it for you
Each morning, Mr. Market knocks on the door and offers his stock at a different price.
Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
2.0 Feature
It’s not easy to do what I do, but if you incorporate emunah, it’s life changing.
Alex Abel
Halacha hones in on the drone
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Editors Note
It can feel discouraging when you only look at where they are now; it’s easy to think, “Oh, I’ll never get there.”
Alex Abel
2.0 Feature
There is no right way to be a woman, nor a right way to be an entrepreneur. It’s up to the way you define [success] for yourself.
Lauren Seidman