Mishpacha was founded in 1987 on a dream.

Aiming to facilitate the exchange of ideas and values between the varying streams within the Orthodox Jewish world, among them the Hassidic, Yeshivish, Sephardic, and Modern Orthodox communities, publisher Eli Paley and editor Rabbi Moshe Grylak launched a phenomenon that would change the communication, journalism, and entertainment habits of a nation: Mishpacha magazine. With no other weekly or monthly magazines geared towards Orthodox Jewish readership at that time, Mishpacha immediately gained popularity, prompting numerous imitation journals – in effect launching the Jewish Orthodox magazine industry.

Beginning with the flagship Hebrew weekly, Mishpacha’s journalism and design standards quickly set the status quo. The brand’s first English edition, published in 2004 due to popular request, took the Jewish communities of North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia by storm with world-class journalism, fiction, and op-eds that set the agenda from Shabbos tables to board rooms. Everyone wanted to be a part of the conversation. Mishpacha’s reach further expanded in 2006 with Family First, a full-color weekly magazine connecting tens of thousands of Jewish women and girls around the world.

Today some 250,000+ readers on every continent across the globe make Mishpacha magazines a part of their lives. The conversation continues.




Publisher, Mishpacha Group : Eliyahu Paley

CEO, Mishpacha Group : Yehuda Nachshoni

CEO, North America : Avi Lazar

CFO : Gita Metzger

Chief Digital and Marketing Officer : Nomee Shaingarten

Chief Operating Officer : Hila Aftergut

Editor in Chief : Rabbi Moshe Grylak

Managing Editor : Shoshana Friedman

Content Manager : Faigy Hutner

Deputy Editors : Yisroel Besser, Rachel Bachrach

Associate Editor : Rachel Ginsberg

Editor at Large : Binyamin Rose

News & Feature Editor : Gedalia Guttentag

Contributing Editors : Eytan Kobre, Barbara Bensoussan

Editor, Family First : Bassi Gruen

Deputy Editor, Family First : Miriam Milstein

Editor, Family Table : Chanie Nayman

Editor, Family Room : Rivki Rabinowitz

Editor, Mishpacha Junior : Libby Tescher

Editor, Teen Pages : Daniela Thaler

Rabbinical Board Coordinator : Rabbi Ephraim Galinsky

Production : Chava Lipszyc, Esti Krainess, Sori Auslander

Chief Copy Editor : Refoel Pride

Proofreaders : Brachah Geiger, Chava Grossman, Chaya Leeder, Chani Muller, Ariella Schiller

Creative Director : Menachem Weinreb

Graphics : Henny Epstein, Aviva Lovy, Sivan Schwam, Ayala Shooter

Administration : Libby Livshin

US Chief of Staff : Michal Frischman

US Finance : Sari Bernstein, Faigy Neufeld

Sales Manager, North America : Nina Feiner

Sales, US and Canada : Yaakov Gerstel

Chief of Sales, Israel and Europe : Mazel Chifrot

Sales, Israel and Europe : Amirel Spektor

US Production : Esti Vago

Ad Design : Sarina Laghaei

Ad Coordinator : Zahava Alexander

Web Coordinators : Cindy Scarr, Sharona Aftel