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Binyamin Rose and Gedalia Guttentag cover Israel’s biggest conflict in a generation: Operation Swords of Iron


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March 18, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • Fatah back on the ground in Gaza
  • Is there a third option for a way forward?
  • Gantz leading the demonstrations would be a nightmare for Netanyahu

March 14, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • 7 Adar Meron cancellation is reasonable caution
  • Hezbollah threat drives a return to the Quick-War Strategy
  • If humanitarian aid must continue, at least rethink how it’s done

March 11, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • Maybe Biden should visit the Hamas tunnel network instead of the Knesset
  • Are Ramadan escalation fears exaggerated?
  • All around the world, Jews are on the front lines

March 07, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • The implications of the Meron report on the post Oct. 7 reckoning
  • Shoddy media coverage around the world paints inaccurate picture of Israel
  • Biden’s political bind is his prime motivator at this point

March 05, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • What’s Benny Ganz doing in America?
  • Gaza has become a political issue in locales around the world
  • Isolated anti-Semitic incidents have a common thread

February 29, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • Maneuvering the draft issue requires skill and nuance
  • Sinwar’s chilling survival strategy
  • American opinion goes beyond Michigan

February 27, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • The push-and-pull of the delicate hostage talks
  • Has the Biden administration reversed the Pompeo settlement declaration?
  • Barkat-Saudi encounter is a bright spot on Israel’s international standing

February 19, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • NYT’s “numb Israeli” trope is ridiculous
  • This is not a revenge attack, it’s a fight for the future
  • Bright Spot: Sderot children return to school

February 16, 2024

Today on Home Front:

  • Why is the US pressuring Israel to make concessions to Hamas in the middle of a war?
  • The two-state solution should be rejected from all sides of the political spectrum
  • Is the price of US support too high to pay?

February 13, 2024


  • Miraculous hostage rescue raises hope for more
  • Rafah battles trigger questions about Camp David
  • Will the Bibi-Biden pingpong come to a head?