Passion for Tzedakah and Ideals That Don’t Exist | Take 2 with Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky

What is the challenge of our generation?
In this episode, Yisroel Besser talks with Rav Aaron Lopiansky, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva of Greater Washington. They discuss the Rosh Yeshiva’s written legacy, and how many chiddushei Torah should be out in print today. The Rosh Yeshiva talks about how true gadlus is emes and yashrus, even sometimes instead of learning full-time. They discuss how the Rosh Yeshiva tries to keep the personal aspect of the transaction of giving tzedakah alive, and how to look for good in this world, even when there’s so much for us to work on. And if people are giving, does it matter how much they spend on material items in their lives?