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5 Pros and Cons of the MOU

Binyamin Rose

Facts and figures on the new $38 billion military aid agreement between the US and Israel

New York on Edge — Once Again

Sarah Buzaglo

Terror is terror no matter what you call it

Will the PA Really Pay Up?

Ariel Ben Solomon

Why does Israel forgive and forego debts — millions of dollars in debts — owed by the Palestinian Authority?

"In classic fairy tales, the hero or heroine has nothing, and then manages to get it all. In the frum fairly tales, the protagonist has everything, and then gives it all up to become frum. Give me a break! It couldn’t have been that easy. What ideas moved him enough to make such drastic changes? How did he stay inspired after the initial fire died down? Give us the real version, not the fairy-tale version."

Skis on Ice / Mishpacha, Issue 627

A. R.
"The story of the little girl whose writing creativity was nearly destroyed by a critical English teacher was painful to read. I was lucky enough to experience the opposite situation. Teachers, you have a lot of power in your hands"

The End of the Story / Family First, Issue 509

A Grateful Student

Paper or Plastic?

B. Deer

Take a look at the room around you. What are most objects made from? How many items are made from plastic or other manmade materials? Probably a lot. Let’s learn about disposables

Breakthrough: Chapter 49

Tovy Mann

The Neiman family is reunited with their maternal grandparents. Unfortunately, Yehudit was taken off the plane. She finds herself back in the notorious Evin Prison

The Tightrope
Rabbi Moshe Grylak Why broken resolutions shouldn’t keep us down
It’s Complicated
Yonoson Rosenblum To get into Olam Haba, bring us with you
Eretz Canine?
Eytan Kobre Israeli professor advocates less kids, more dogs
What Kind of Friend?
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Pointing the finger back at yourself
Not Worth the Risk
Judah I. Kupfer, Esq. Conducting business with a clear conscience
Finding His Voice
Yisroel Besser An outspoken passion for public relations
My Brother’s Keeper
Rabbi Emanuel Feldman Becoming the rosh yeshivah for one, shining moment
Happy Birthday
Miriam Aflalo The year that’s finishing didn’t evaporate
Positive Discipline
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Your child’s brain for new behaviors
Get Out of Town
Sara Eisemann Should our son consider out-of-town shidduchim?
The Sharpshooter: Part IV
D. Himy & Zivia Reischer “The anxiety and resentment have disappeared,” she says
Splash: Driving
Keren Keet The lost art of honking the horn
Lifetakes: Noodling with Chesed
Rivky Singer “The doctor does these procedures 20 times a day,” I mus...