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On-Site: Hewer of Wood

Shlomi Gil

Walking into Shimon Tayar’s workshop is like walking into a wooden wonderland

Rose Report: Is the Deck Stacked against Bibi?

Binyamin Rose

Israeli journalists talk straight about their anti-Bibi bias

Washington Wrap: Kushner Plays It Safe at Saban Forum

Omri Nahmias

Thirty minutes into his Saban Forum talk, Kushner as Sphinx-like as ever

Inside Israel: Israel Enforces Its Red Lines in Syria

Eliezer Shulman

Israel missile strike echoes far beyond Syria

Metro & Beyond: The Bickering Gets Louder between Cuomo and de Blasio

Jacob Kornbluh

Cuomo and de Blasio trade barbs as they eye the national stage

A Few Minutes with Labor Leader Avi Gabbay

Omri Nahmias

“The more time that passes, the more we’ll continue to rise, and I’m certain that I will be the one to form the next government”

"Whenever there is a cover photo of a distinguished Jew, or even of any yirei Shamayim, I am proud. Proud to read such a publication and proud to belong to this special nation. Since it’s inevitable that Mishpacha might end up on the Shabbos table, I feel that at least there should be a refined cover photo”


Inbox / Mishpacha, Issue 686
"It was interesting to note that in most of the article’s scenarios, the suffering family member succeeded in using the nisayon as a means to build her emunah and grow stronger, enlarging her capacity to experience strong, opposing feelings simultaneously, while the celebrating family member seemed stuck in guilt. It’s important to recognize that guilt is a trap that blocks us from being fully able to enjoy the gifts Hashem has given us, and thus prevents us from growing. May we all be zocheh to celebrate abundant blessings in our lives"

Lea P. Davidson, Executive Director, PUAH

Simchah Imperfect / Family First, Issue 567

Amazing Mazes

Rhona Lewis

Mazes are built from stone, hedges, corn, mirrors, or ice. Or in books or on cereal boxes. Constructed or printed, mazes have been amazing us for centuries

Teen Fiction: Dumpin’ Doughnuts

Malky Cope

Dassy + doughnuts = no moderation. Once I started, there’d be no stopping. So, there was only one way to go about it

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