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Keeping Watch on the Israel-Syria Border

Yoel Nachumson

1974 Separation-of-Forces Deal Keeps Both Sides at Bay

Oneg Shabbos: Drug of Choice

Yeruchem Yitzchak Landesman

Little Yisrael Leib emerged from the camps determined to break with his past. Years later, would his long-buried Jewish loyalty prevail?

Dreams in the Attic

Miriam Maggid

I tried to cry as silently as possible — I’m good at it. My grandmother turned to me and whispered: “We don’t get to choose”

"The story of Elisheva Bulow — who chose to marry a physically imperfect person because she respected his character and who he wanted to be — was the most inspiring story I have ever read… Please keep the LifeLines stories coming; reading about the challenges people face and how they change and grow as a result, is my personal mussar dose for the week."

C.R., Lakewood, NJ

LifeLines / Issue 668
"I look forward to reading the diary serial by Shoshana Schwartz each week. I’m an addict who is currently in rehab and it’s so, so challenging. I’m a young girl and I’m here to change my life, to move on and move forward. Thank you for the awareness you create about addictions. Most people don’t understand me or addiction and I’m so grateful that your serial tells people a bit about how therapy and rehab works. It is also very encouraging for me to read while I do my work in rehab. Thank you!"

An Addict

Grab the Reins / Family First

Brick by Brick

C. S. Teitelbaum

Did you know Mashiach is ready to come but he’s waiting for Klal Yisrael to give him the go-ahead, through our mitzvos and maasim tovim?

Mickey Mouse, Here We Come!

Chavi Brody

“The bus will be leaving at six promptly. Please be on time.” Was it my imagination or was she staring at me?

Sacrificed for the Cause
Yonoson Rosenblum Expendable for the greater good?
From One Jew to Another
Eytan Kobre Not too much emotion, but too little
The Hope in Jewish Tears
Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland Turn every tear into a prayer
Skin Deep
Jacob L. Freedman The whitest Sephardi, the darkest Ashkenazi
Translation Joys, Translation Woes
Rabbi Emanuel Feldman King David didn’t have an editor
Seeds and Deeds
Faigy Peritzman Now vs. future potential
Those Not-Good Feelings
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Face those negative feelings head-on
Night of Tears
Rabbi Menachem Nissel You and I will cry together