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Push and Pull in the Democratic Camp

Omri Nahmias

If election night showed us anything, it’s that the Democrats have a split personality

The Midterms and the US-Israel Relationship

Binyamin Rose

What’s in store for the US-Israeli relationship now that the House of Representatives has flipped to Democratic control?

The Red States of America

Gershon Burstyn

Republicans and Democrats are split over values, but they are equally split by geography and demography

Special Operation Gone Awry

Eliezer Shulman

What were Israeli special forces doing three kilometers inside Hamas territory?

A New Reality in Albany

Malky Lowinger

Jewish community leaders keep a watchful eye on the changes in the NY Senate

"Rabbi Miller was not solely a rebbi of young women. Every week he gave a Shabbos shiur in his home and another in Gateshead Kollel. These were packed with men and bochurim who delighted in his profound introduction to Rav Dessler ztz”l and the world of hashkafah, enhanced always by his wonderful sense of humor. I consider him, along with Gateshead’s roshei yeshivah and mashgichim, as one of my greatest teachers. Much of what I teach today and how I teach it is due to his inspiration"
Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein, Inwood, N.Y. 

Watchtower on the River Tyne /Mishpacha Issue 730

"I found it ironic that a column meant to destigmatize those unable to do it all didn’t actually publish the names of the women demonstrating that it is okay not to be perfect. This just further validated my belief that “perfectionism” is a real problem in our community and is the impetus for so many of our other challenges — either directly (such as the shidduch crisis, eating disorders, extreme materialism, etc.), or indirectly by not allowing people to seek help lest they appear to be “damaged” or “imperfect,” chas v’shalom."

Brachah Poliakoff

Nobody does it All/ Family First Issue 610

The Big Idea That Changed the World

Jennifer Tzivia Macleod

Why were they so desperate to get to Asia? Because that’s where the spices, like cinnamon and pepper, came from

Teen Fiction: Money Matters

Bassy Goldhirsch

Of course I understand. I’ll put on an exemplary show, I’ll play the part well; a well-behaved teenager whose world has just come crashing down

The Fortunes of War
Rabbi Moshe Grylak We’re still feeling the fallout of the First World War
Some Lessons, But Few Portents
Yonoson Rosenblum What the midterms tell us about 2020
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Eyan Kobre Why I tuned in to the liberal radio station
5 out of 10
Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin Top 5 Moments of the Kinus
Day in the Life
Rachel Bachrach Chaim White of KC Kosher Co-op
When Less is More
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman How a good edit enhances a manuscript
It’s My Job
Jacob L. Freedman “Will you force me to take meds?”
They’re Still Playing My Song?
Riki Goldstein Yitzy Bald’s Yerav Na
Yisroel Werdyger Can’t Stop Singing
Riki Goldstein Ahrele Samet’s Loi Luni
Double Chords of Hope
Riki Goldstein You never know how far your music can go
Will Dedi Have the Last Laugh?
Dovid N. Golding Dedi and Ding go way back
Battle of the Budge
Faigy Peritzman Using stubbornness to grow in ruchniyus
The Challenging Child
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Strategies for raising the difficult child
Bucking the Trend
Sara Eisemann If I skip sem, will I get a good shidduch?
The Musician: Part 1
D. Himy, M.S. CCC-SLP and Zivia Reischer "If she can't read she'll be handicapped for life!"