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Italy’s Bad Imitation of Trump

Binyamin Rose

In Austria, Jews Praise Defeat of Far-Rightist

Scrounging for Scraps in Aleppo

Tzippy Yarom

An English Teacher Shares His Secret of Survival

Are Chances Rising for Rubashkin Pardon?

Eytan Kobre

Could the end of President Obama’s presidency mean an Agriprocessors pardon?

"But then, Rabbi Elefant’s words hit me: “Sruli, you don’t understand what the Rebbi is saying.” I then realized that it is not our rebbeim who don’t understand our problems; rather, it is we who don’t understand our rebbeim when they tell us that we don’t understand our own problems."

Shmuli Berglas

Voice in the Crowd / Mishpacha, Issue 637
"I always find AdviceLine fascinating, and this past column was no exception. When the questioner asked her question, the only thing that jumped out was her embarrassment over having a relative who looked different than her society. I was gratified to see that your respondents gave this young woman far more to think about than her very superficial perspective on her situation."

A Reader

AdviceLine / Family First, Issue 518

The Writing on the Wall

Rhona Lewis

With permission, graffiti is public art. Today, city officials and building owners often commission graffiti artists to paint large murals on the walls of buildings — sometimes to cover up illegal graffiti

Teen Fiction: Missing Pages

Chaiky Berger

“Hey, just chill,” Shulamis cheers me up. “Just wait till we play the game… hope you won’t be too embarrassed,” she warns.

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