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Will Trump Keep Jerusalem Promise?

Binyamin Rose

Deputy FM Tzipi Hotovely to Mishpacha: “We’re getting good indications”

Can Bibi Survive Multiple Scandals?

Binyamin Rose, Yossi Elituv, and Tzippy Yarom

Attorney general needs irrefutable proof of guilt to indict

Making the Most of Leftovers

Ariel Ben Solomon

Israel works to solve poverty crisis with increased surplus food distribution

“America has long ago replaced its ‘melting pot’ model with a ‘tossed salad.’ Here in Israel perhaps we should replace our finely diced and uniform Israeli salad with the tossed version. The country is strong and confident enough at this point to embrace diversity.”

Elaine Kleiner

The RBS Experiment / Mishpacha, Issue 639
“While there was nothing in the article that I or most divorced people could disagree with, I don’t think its goal — to forewarn based on logical consequences — has value to someone in that Gehinnom of a painful, frustrating marriage. It’s akin to handing someone a colorful umbrella to ward off a tsunami.”

M. C., Monsey, NY

Twenty Post-Split Surprises / Family First, Issue 524

You Called?

Sivi Sekula

Want to speak to your brother in Israel or your cousin in Los Angeles? You just pick up the phone and dial the number, but what did people do before phones? Let’s find out!

Teen Fiction: Curtain Call

Rikki Ellinson

I needed to know whether the mothers would be invited this year. That, for me, was the difference between life and death.

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