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The Law Is on the Rabbis’ Side

Yisrael Feller

Majority rule may be a cornerstone of democracy, but when it comes to the Kosel, the law is not on their side

Democrats Cry the Georgia Blues

Jacob Kornbluh

Jewish Candidate Loses Tight Race to Republican Opponent

"It’s a beautiful thing to live in a community where everyone feels so interconnected and willing to help one another. But we need a better appreciation for the efforts that go into parnassah, and we need stronger demarcations between the typical favors that come with friendship and the cost of goods and services that should always be honored."

Goldie M., Brooklyn, NY

Off the Couch / Mishpacha 665
I really appreciated the tip in the editor’s letter about visualizing your husband’s life for five minutes a day, and the recommendation to do it with others too. It really works. I’d also suggest that after you’ve done that for five minutes — or even just one minute! — maybe then use that state of mind to offer a small tefillah on that person’s behalf. It ends up being a more-powerful-than-usual tefillah.

A Grateful Reader

Editor’s Letter / Family First 546

The Great Outdoors

Sivi Sekula and Cindy Scarr

Summer. We bike, hike, and run. But there are some far more exciting ways to experience nature

Pen Pals

Gitty Klein

“Dina Hartman!” I wail, “you were a chunk of my heart, and now you deceived me! How could you send me such a letter?”

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