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Washington Wrap: A Community in Shock

Omri Nahmias

As Florida shooting strews heartbreak and horror, gun control remains a distant dream

Metro&Beyond: King of the Caucus

Jacob Kornbluh

Chaim Deutsch is the first Orthodox Jew to chair the Jewish Caucus of the New York City Council

Special Report: Will Bibi Survive?

Mishpacha Staff

Police charges threaten to end Netanyahu’s reign

"Rabbi Eisenman, if you ever decide to make aliyah, let me know. I would love to join your shul!... We need to learn Rabbi Eisenman’s lesson and take advantage of life’s opportunities as well as pay attention to the lessons we can learn from all of our daily encounters."

Yigal Segal, Nachlaot, Jerusalem

Shul with a View / Mishpacha Issue 697
"I was actually touched by your letter, encouraged by the fact that you care so much and that you notice how very hard I try. No need to apologize for your Words Unspoken: I fully accept that you can’t handle my kids, just like you accept my allergies to food. Just want to say: So glad we’re friends! Don’t lose more sleep over this — you’re the best!" 

Rochel F.

Inbox /Family First Issue 579

Face Painting!

Malky Lowinger

Face painting is a fun and popular activity. If you’ve never done it before, Purim is the perfect time to try it

Caught in the Act: Meet Malkie Knopfler

Sarah Einhorn

“I resorted to getting attention another way; through being the class clown. Actually, without realizing it, my teachers helped me along in my acting career”

In the King's Hands
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Healthy in Body and Spirit
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The Purim Generation
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Watch Your Step
Rachel Bachrach Yehuda Spira is the owner of Dance with Confidence
Persian Piece
Jacob L. Freedman “I’m Persian and you’re Jewish, but it’s okay”
Service Provider
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman “You said ‘shalom bayis.’ If this is correct, press one”
Crisis Mode
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Mother of the Year
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Reaching Higher
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