Teen Feature
Life can be tough on so many fronts — school, friends, family. And that’s when there’s a choice: to give in to the difficulties, or to choose to rise above them — and see just how ...

By C.B. Wahler

Movin on Up
My mother’s main concern is shidduchim. She is way more typical than I am, always doing what she’s supposed to be doing, and would never think of opening her own business

By Shaina Keren

Once my classmates understood what was going on, they were totally cool with it. Why wouldn’t they be?

By Leah Greenburg

Story Supplement
Five stories of Providence and Protection

By Teen Contributors

Teen Fiction
It’s hard to believe that I’m actually part of the inner circle, an active part of the discussions, a dynamic contributor, if I may say so myself

By Roizy Baum

Out of Step
Mommy appears. “Come in, come in quickly,” she whispers, flapping her hand. We scurry in, confused by the cloak-and-dagger attitude

By Ariella Schiller

Feature Videos
What happens when three musicians in yarmulkes set up shop in the subway station during rush hour? Watch Joey Newcomb in action!

By Barbara Bensoussan

Just yesterday at a bris someone came over to me to discuss “Eibeshter.”

By Riki Goldstein

These tasty tacos are fabulous served as a snack, as an appetizer, or served alongside a slice of salmon to bring the presentation to another level. Any way you decide to serve th ...

By Rivky Kleiman

Personal Accounts
Do they know how hard I work? How little I eat? How many hours I exercise? And I still look like a sorry excuse for a woman.

By Judy Stalansky

Personal Accounts
Of course, I do activities with my kids, but a lot of the time, I just kind of fit them in between my husband, life, job, and other stuff.

By Riki Goldstein

Personal Accounts
When I’m cold, I’ll never put on a sweater — I‘m tougher than that.

By Faigy Peritzman