Editors Note
It can feel discouraging when you only look at where they are now; it’s easy to think, “Oh, I’ll never get there.”

By Alex Abel

Halacha hones in on the drone

By Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

2.0 Feature
There is no right way to be a woman, nor a right way to be an entrepreneur. It’s up to the way you define [success] for yourself.

By Lauren Seidman

2.0 Feature
It’s not easy to do what I do, but if you incorporate emunah, it’s life changing.

By Alex Abel

I read it for you
Each morning, Mr. Market knocks on the door and offers his stock at a different price.

By Dovid Bashevkin

“What good is it having a belly if there’s no fire in it? Wake up, drink your passion, light a match, and get to work,”

By Jacob M. Engel

Big Questions
If Hollywood can tease a two-hour film in 30 seconds, you can tease a 45-minute meeting.”

By Jordan Odinsky

2.0 Feature
I actually think it’s going to get worse. This is the new normal, and I think that you need to educate yourselves

By Michal Frischman

Combining the best of both publications

By Shoshana Friedman

Ease of prep? Check. Sophisticated flavor? Check. Downright delicious? Check, check, check!

By Faigy Grossman

Voice in the Crowd
Imagine — me being feted at the yeshivah dinner

By Yisroel Besser

Off the Couch
"Your persona is so big it squashes everyone around you"

By Jacob L. Freedman MD

Teen Feature
According to many teens who love volunteering, once you’re in, you’re attached

By Ruchy Padwa

Would you rather be part of a large chevreh or have one special best friend? Many teens have asked themselves this question

By Devora Zheutlin, MA, CAS