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Unleash Your Inner Artist

Here are step-by-step instructions to bring paint night to your home




Supplies needed:

rectangle canvas

a flat paint brush

a small pointy paint brush

blue acrylic paint

pink acrylic paint

black acrylic paint


paper towel


We’re going for an abstract, textured sunset here. Feel free to use other colors, just make sure they create a nice color when blended together! (You can test this by mixing a small amount on your plate to see how the colors combine.) It’s best to use heavy body acrylics to achieve the textured look.


Set up

Put a bit of each color onto a plate to create your palette. Set out a cup of water and a paper towel next to your canvas in case you need to wash your brush at any point.


tip The key to creating a textured background is to consistently make small, overlapping strokes using a generous amount of paint.

1 Using your wide brush, paint the top inch of your canvas black.

2Using small, overlapping strokes, add in pink. Don’t wash the black off your brush, we want some black to come down into the pink.

3  Continue adding pink to the top 1/3 of the canvas, making the transition from black, black and pink, to purely pink.

4 Add in blue using the same small, overlapping strokes over and over to create a beautiful shade of purple for the middle of the canvas.

5 Continue working down the canvas moving from the purple (pink/blue combo) to purely blue.

6 Like the top, add a thin line of black to the bottom of the canvas

7 Using the same strokes, bring the black up to the pure blue until the background is complete!


8 Using your small pointy brush, draw an outline of the mountains (see picture). The outline is just a sketch so it doesn’t need to be neat.

9 Fill in the mountains. Add texture by using a generous amount of paint and tapping the brush on the canvas rather than stroking.

TIP Add in little bits of blue and pink to the black to help the shadow blend into the background.

Extra Add some small blades of grass onto the mountain in front (see picture).

10 Add a black shadow under the back mountain range by using small thin horizontal strokes with your pointy brush.

Extra: add some pink to the mountains in back and some blue to the mountain in front



11 Draw the boat in black using your small, pointy brush.

12 Fill in the boat with black. Add a small shadow underneath using the same small horizontal strokes you did for the mountains.


You did it!



Sarah sells a variety of Paint Boxes and ships nationwide. She specializes in two-part couple paintings, which are perfect for shidduch dates or date nights. She also leads live paint parties in the Baltimore area.


(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 753)

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