Magazine Feature
Rabbi Armo Kuessous is the first stop and last word in chinuch today

By Barbara Bensoussan

Magazine Feature
Chess master Josh Bowman has a thousand yeshivah kids from around the country in his Chess Chevra, where they’re learning to think clearly while playing the world’s oldest game

By Sandy Eller

The Beat
But how blind can we be? Like the Kassam rockets of yore, where is all this “open space”?

By Gedalia Guttentag

The Rose Report
Israel is clearly not the only land where the selection of judges is controversial and polarizing.

By Binyamin Rose

The Rose Report
Channel 14 just charged past two of its three major left-wing competitors in the latest TGI Consumer Data survey

By Binyamin Rose

Washington Wrap
"Both Washington and Beijing seek stability, secure flow of energy, and a reduction of risks emanating from the Middle East"

By Omri Nahmias

Washington Wrap
Turkish president Recep Tayipp Erdogan surprised the world when he announced that Ankara no longer opposes Finland’s bid to join NATO

By Omri Nahmias

Inside Israel
“The overwhelming sense we get from the US embassy is that they don’t care

By Y. Davis

Touch Base
How can I ensure I am doing my part in the community?

By Mrs. Batya Weinberg

We have organizations focused on easing the financial burden of everything else imaginable, but not for mental health.

By Mishpacha Readers

Jr. Feature
The Russians and Americans may not have been fighting with guns, tanks, or bombs, but something far more sinister was lurking just around the corner.

By Sivi Sekula

The Moment
In classic Kinyan Hamesechta form, whose premise is chazarah, chazarah, chazarah, left the gourmet food waiting as they proceeded to take out their Gemaras and review the last few ...

By Shmuel Botnick and Yosef Herz

Story Time
“Don’t you realize where this story ends? How many kings have gone to sleep in their beds, content with knowing that the next day is guaranteed?

By Y. Bromberg

Double Take
I’m your mother, and I need help badly. Why won’t you let your daughter pitch in?

By Rochel Samet