Wednesday February 22, 2017

Being “Realistic”

Are her expectations in shidduchim realistic?,Being “Realistic”,Are her expectations in ...

Family First Inbox Thursday October 6, 2022

Family First Inbox: Issue 813

“I’ve found that having bitachon is most difficult in the parshah of shidduchim

Counter Point Wednesday December 4, 2019

Why Risk Shidduchim?

The Open Mic piece on “Why Risk Shidduchim?” has drawn significant feedback. Here is a sampling

Wednesday October 30, 2013

Do-It-Direct Shidduchim

Her first e-mail had the subject: “We would’ve been great in-laws!”

Wednesday September 21, 2016

Get Out of Town

Should our son consider out-of-town shidduchim?,Get Out of Town,Should our son consider out-of-town

Guestlines Wednesday August 24, 2016

The Hidden World of Shidduchim

of shidduchim, has spurred multiple articles on the painful, heartrending topic of older singles

Words Unspoken Sunday February 3, 2019

Dear Singles,

Please remove me from the shidduchim group chat.

Words Unspoken Wednesday April 7, 2021

Dear Seminary Teachers

They’re panicked about shidduchim. And the panic is contagious

Lifestyle Wednesday July 31, 2019

Up to Date

When it comes to shidduchim, out of town no longer means out of the running