Family First Inbox Thursday October 6, 2022

Family First Inbox: Issue 813

“I’ve found that having bitachon is most difficult in the parshah of shidduchim

On your Mark Tuesday January 10, 2023

Meet… Shani Greenfield

Shani Greenfield makes shidduchim — the right wig for the right woman 

Words Unspoken Sunday February 3, 2019

Dear Singles,

Please remove me from the shidduchim group chat.

Behind the Book Tuesday April 27, 2021

Pride and Preference 

For anyone who’s had any experience with shidduchim or plans to. And definitely all frum Austen fans!

Words Unspoken Wednesday April 7, 2021

Dear Seminary Teachers

They’re panicked about shidduchim. And the panic is contagious

On Topic Wednesday January 3, 2018

Chapter Two Shidduchim

Dating after a divorce comes with a lot of big questions: Above all, how can you ensure you won’t make the same mistake again?

On Topic Tuesday February 5, 2019

Paired in Their Prime

For those pursuing a shidduch during middle age or beyond, the path can be lonely and strewn with obstacles, but a caring support network can make all the difference

Family First Inbox Wednesday April 21, 2021

Family First Inbox: Issue 739

"R-E-L-A-X! Let your girls be. Let them start shidduchim when they’re really ready; they’ll be happier, healthier spouses"

Family Diary Wednesday June 3, 2020

Ring Me: Chapter 2

Could he overlook her height to see how perfect she was for him?