On Topic Wednesday January 3, 2018

Chapter Two Shidduchim

Dating after a divorce comes with a lot of big questions: Above all, how can you ensure you won’t make the same mistake again?

Match Quest Wednesday November 22, 2017

Social Savvy Vs. My Kids’ Shidduchim

As parents, we have the obligation to contain ourselves,Social Savvy Vs. My Kids’ Shidduchim,As parents, we have the obligati ...

Hosha Na! — Succos Theme 5783 Thursday October 6, 2022

Crying in Harmony  

We cry out and He responds

Family First Inbox Thursday October 6, 2022

Family First Inbox: Issue 813

“I’ve found that having bitachon is most difficult in the parshah of shidduchim”

Family First Inbox Tuesday September 13, 2022

Family First Inbox: Issue 810

“To someone who isn’t an addict, this story may make addicts seem like dumb people who need an extra energy boost and then fall into addiction”

Family First Inbox Tuesday September 6, 2022

Family First Inbox: Issue 809

“We are human; we are trying our best, and we juggle hectic lives. Redting shidduchim is a passion and priority, but we’re human”

The Conversation Continues Tuesday August 23, 2022

Mix & Match: The Conversation Continues

Our shidduch stats generated a great deal of discussion. Savvy singles and seasoned shadchanim offer their insights into the process