Calligraphy Tuesday September 14, 2021

Zoom Info

Too many compliments in one sentence. Shraga nods his thanks and waits for the other shoe to drop

Calligraphy Sunday October 9, 2016

Veiled Plans

“The people…who don’t know. They think I’m being picky,” she said, so softly, Bella nearly missed the fiery ache held i ...

Calligraphy Wednesday April 20, 2016

Pink Shirt Shidduch

“Crazy! Who ever heard of a chassidishe meidel arranging things with a shadchan by herself? Her parents know nothing — she just goes ahead and meets a boy? And to a what? A modern ...

Calligraphy Tuesday October 7, 2014

First Date

“Everything’s okay, honey. It’s just that your husband was brought in. He was in a car that spun out of control.”