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We Have a Winner!

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Danielle, writing to you from, well, my living room. Amidst all the cooking, laundry, cleaning, school phone calls, laundry, and more laundry, I found a few minutes to sit down and write a little intro to this really exciting article!

The weeks leading up to Pesach were more stressful this year for many of us. In order to lift people’s spirits and create some much-needed exposure for small businesses at this difficult time, I came up with the idea of a big giveaway. I ended up giving out hundreds of prizes that were donated by people who wanted to share some love in this stressful time. When I reached out to the incredible and always supportive Chanie Nayman and asked if she’d like to participate, she said yes in a millisecond! Pushing my luck, I asked Chanie if I could give the prize of creating a recipe for Family Table and having it professionally styled and shot by Mishpacha’s super-talented team, and she was all for it.

And now I present to you the first of two lucky ladies who won this prize, Daniella Faye, a business owner and designer of modest women’s dresses based in Israel. (www.daniellafaye.com)

Daniella, proprietor of the successful Daniella Faye clothing line, speaks:

I grew up in Chicago and now live in Yerushalayim. I’m the youngest in my family by far; my siblings above me are 15 and 13 years older than I am. As a result, I grew up very independent. I have memories of cooking when I was 10 or 11. That’s when I made up my first recipe, which I called French toast grilled cheese. My friend was freaking out because I was cooking, and she was nervous about the fire. I told her, “Calm down, everything’s okay!” I put cheese between two pieces of bread, dipped it in egg, and pan-fried it. That was my first recipe.

I’ve definitely had a love for food and cooking since I was little. I remember that my mom had this gorgeous Bundt pan with flowers on it. I really wanted to use it, so I made one of Susie Fishbein’s crumb cakes in it.

My husband and I are big foodies. We eat at kosher restaurants all over Israel, America, and Europe. Chinese food is my favorite, and there’s no Chinese restaurant here in Yerushalayim, so that’s my favorite food when I go back to America.

How did I come up with this dish? My husband and I once ate at an amazing restaurant in Miami. We got this sushi roll with hot kani on top, and it was delicious! When we got back to Israel, I decided to try to experiment with it myself. I took kani and mayo and heated it up, and it tasted like the dish from the restaurant. I served it with rice and a sauce at my Shabbos table, where it was a huge hit! Now I make it whenever I have guests and there’s never anything left.

One of the things Danielle asked me was when I have time to cook. My husband and I find time because we really enjoy it. We love cooking for Shabbos and chagim, and also on a daily basis. This isn’t my main business, obviously; it’s just a hobby. I do experiment a lot with my cooking. I can’t stick to a recipe! I use what I have in the house and make things up as I go along. One of the hardest parts of corona (besides everyone being sick, of course) is that we can’t host. We’ve had thousands of guests in our house over the last eight years! Hosting is a big part of our family and our life.

Click below for Garlicky Rice with Kani and Scallions recipe

(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 692)

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