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Salmon in Style

Text and Styling by Esther Ottensoser
Photography by Sina Mizrahi

With so much fish being served over Yom Tov, here’s a pretty yet simple plating idea.

You will need:
  • English cucumber
  • peeler or mandolin (I used a peeler)
  • spiralized carrots, butternut squash, beets, or Ravanello Blend Verdini, for garnish
  • dressing in a shot glass, for serving

Peel the side of a cucumber to create long strips. As you get closer to the center, the strips will become wider.

Fold over the top part of a wide cucumber strip to make a loop.

Place the fish on top of the cucumber.

Garnish fish with spiralized vegetables.

Serve with dressing in a shot glass.


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 890)

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