A Gift Passed Along
It was harder than it sounds. I didn’t feel it. And I wanted to feel it, and I wanted my kids to feel it

By Shaina King

A Gift Passed Along
If you took a moment and stepped inside, you were quickly overcome by the smell of dust, of pages, of history, of life itself

By Nachman Hellman

A Gift Passed Along
“Why Israel?” I answered. “Because you taught me to love Israel. You taught me to love Jews

By Samuel Goldsmith

A Gift Passed Along
They know it’s the prelude to a busy 24 hours that begins with water

By Baruch Ya'ari

A Gift Passed Along
As I conjure that precious, long-ago image, one word wells up within me. Just one word: Dignity

By Eytan Kobre

A Gift Passed Along
When the Darchei Ish shul opened its doors in Bnei Brak, those Simchas Torah scenes came back to life

By Rabbi Mattis Goldberg

A Gift Passed Along
My mother's passion percolated within me. And over the last year, it found expression in a direction she could not have foreseen

By Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt

A Gift Passed Along
I can still remember the elders of the community who wouldn’t even think to smile during that period

By Baruch Ya'ari

Steve Rabinowitz’s passion for animals fueled a grueling road to becoming a vet 

By Barbara Bensoussan

Editor's Letter
You struggle and toil and build, and then it all comes down, but perhaps that’s the point. Perhaps the glory is in the effort, not the result

By Yisroel Besser

Movin on Up
Chaya rethinks her assessment of what an ideal workplace looks like

By Leah Greenburg

Second Thoughts
We are all united in our loneliness and in our faith that before long all this will be behind us

By Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

A Gift Passed Along
A harvest much hardier and more glorious than they could ever have imagined

By Russy Tendler

Today the custom of mitzvah tantz is still widespread and has even reached new communities. We caught up with five top international badchanim, who share their experiences and per ...

By Riki Goldstein