Family First Feature
Tamar Klompas was born a Catholic in a tiny German town. The stirring of her soul, and slow but steady growth, led her to a new life as a Jewish wife, mother, and master gardener

By Barbara Bensoussan

Therapy Toolbox
Break up the bickering, and take your home from battlefield to haven

By Abby Delouya B.A, B.Ed, MFT

Family First Inbox
"I understand that you were out to give your daughter the best shot at getting married. What about my son who was so hurt in the process?"

By Family First Readers

Family Tempo
  I don’t need to get married. All I want is single friends

By Nechama Geller

It's a Draw
What, this is where the day ends? Stupid planner. Where are the hours of the actual day?

By Esty Heller

Even without any medical background, my husband and I could tell that something was wrong

By Musia Slavin

On Wednesday our first grandchild was born. On Thursday I was diagnosed

By Ahuvah Gittel bas Chaya Rochel

Rocking Horse
“This… this home that she wants to set up. Quite passionate she seems about these rather unfortunate girls"

By Leah Gebber

Those who love Bnei Yisrael, who share their sorrows and seek to help — these are the people Hashem desires to lead His nation

By Faigy Peritzman

Magazine Feature
A monster of our making: Rabbi Efrem Goldberg calls for a new approach to shıdduchim

By Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Washington Wrap
Why is the US so slow to roll out its own vaccine?

By Omri Nahmias

Remembering Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz ztz”l

By Rabbi Sholem Yehudah Fishbane

For the Record
Rav Rosen was a prize talmid of Rav Chaim Leib Tiktinsky in Mir and the Netziv in Volozhin

By Dovi Safier and Yehuda Geberer

Double Take
Our son’s rebbi thought he knew him better than we did

By Rochel Samet