2.0 Feature
Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the opportunities. A group of Houston businessmen make the case for why Houston is the new place to be for frum families

By Barbara Bensoussan

Apple just slashed its commission for apps making a million dollars or less from 30% to 15%

By Esther Kurtz

Works for Me
The first thing I’d ask you is: Do you know what you want to do? Knowing yourself is an important prerequisite to starting a business

By Shaina Keren

Who doesn’t love that Italian flavoring — it tastes so good in so many dishes!

By Faigy Grossman

Use this basic spice blend to transform the humble potato into anything but.

By Chavi Feldman

Double Take
Our son’s rebbi thought he knew him better than we did

By Rochel Samet

From My Table
We’re obviously a lot more knowledgeable nutrition wise. The ingredients we like to use are cleaner, with items you can pronounce.

By Chanie Nayman

Avi Korman believed in clean breaks, and he knew what he had to do

By Dov Haller

The coffee and cocoa in this mixture really give the meat an extraordinary depth of flavor, which is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the brown sugar and smokiness of the pa ...

By Chavi Feldman