Editors Note
Whether we promote ourselves on Instagram or not, we all already have a unique brand of our own — because Hashem made us that way.

By Alex Abel

Big Questions
A few things employers can do to help create a more meaningful — and profitable — workplace:

By Avraham Markovich 

Ask a Venture Capitalist
Investor Secrets Revealed 

By David Stark and Jordan Odinsky

I read it for you
I’m an anxious person, so I keep a pillow stuffed with eight months’ worth of living expenses. It’s a little stiff , and the crinkly sound drives my wife crazy, but it helps me sl ...

By Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin

2.0 Feature
When the right person gets your marketing messages, whether in a print ad, on your website, or through social media, they should immediately feel a connection along the lines of, ...

By Tzivia Cohen

Deep Dive
A real Jewish leader allows everyone to feel accepted and welcomed.

By Tamar Skydell 

2.0 Feature
Hiring using artificial intelligence - meet Intelligo

By Sabrina Brick 

Kiruv without consideration of integration is irresponsible

By Yonoson Rosenblum

Hindsight Is 2020
Somehow we built up this entire tribe! Then I could just cry from all the nachas

By Barbara Bensoussan

In every boy she dated she saw the brother she’d lost

By Chaya Sara Oppenheim

Hindsight Is 2020
We’re closing a decade and Jewish music has stretched, expanded, blurred

By Shoshana Friedman

Rocking Horse
Ernst is still treating her like a china doll, and Emmy is distant

By Leah Gebber

Hindsight Is 2020

By C. Saphir