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Appetizer Tower

I love preparing regular, simple dishes that can be glammed up through presentation. There’s no need to make yourself crazy with complicated recipes! With appetizers especially, it’s so easy to make a dish look professional through plating. Here’s my take on the Shabbos-day standard, liver and eggs:

›  Before Shabbos, I lay out some defrosted wonton rounds (Gefen makes them frozen) on a parchment-lined baking sheet, spray some oil on top (you can sprinkle some spices for flavor), and bake them at 350°F (175°C) for a few minutes until crispy. (Watch them carefully so they don’t burn.) I store them in a zip-lock bag to stay fresh.

›  On Shabbos day, I take a plate and brush or squeeze dots of dressing or sauce for design onto it. In the middle, I place a scoop of egg salad. I top it with a wonton crisp, then place liver (sautéed or chopped) on top. I add some greens (arugula, spinach leaves, romaine), cucumber, grape tomatoes, and/or avocado slices — whatever I have — on the side, and it looks oh-so-glamorous.

›  Another pre-Shabbos option is to peel a cucumber with a julienne peeler to create a beautiful garnish. But the rule is to only do what works for you. If it fits into your day, great. If not, just slice the cucumber diagonally with a knife on Shabbos and it’ll look totally fine!

Serving Tip:

Stacking things like a tower always creates dimension and is pleasing to the eye. That’s why I love these Gefen wonton rounds — they make it so easy and e­ffortless!

Products & Pieces I Love:

And there you have it: a regular appetizer from your Shabbos menu with added garnishes. Result = an easy, delicious, and beautiful dish!

(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 700)

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