Pesach 2021: The Ultimate Erev Pesach Checklist

It's Erev Pesach, Erev Shabbos, and Erev mommy's-about-to-lose-it. There's a million and one things to do, so to make life a little easier we went ahead and made a handy-dandy list for you.

(You're welcome.)


But first, let's get all the optional things outta the way:

  • Spring clean
  • Match all the kid's clothes
  • Book in a sheitel appointment
  • Beg your cleaner for just a few more hours, 'I'll pay double! Triple!'

(Calling your mother-in-law to wish her a good yom tov is not optional. Sorry)


Things that need to happen:

  • Taanis bechoros (fast of the firstborn)
  • Bedikas chametz (search for chametz)
Things that need to be prepped:

  • Post-fast arrangements (siyum/break-fast) for the taanis
  • Wrap 10 pieces of chometz
  • Chametz in a box, ready to be burned the next day

Tip: Don't wrap the chometz pieces in foil, it won't burn in the fire, rather wrap them in a tissue or napkin (no cling wrap, when plastic burns it creates harmful toxins)


Things that need to happen:
  • Biur chametz (burning chametz)
  • Mechiras chametz (selling chametz)
  • Shabbos
Things that need to be prepped:


  • Sell chametz in the morning (check for exact timing in your area)
  • Set aside the chametz that’ll be eaten on Shabbos.

Seder plate (this is best prepped in advance due to Shabbos):

  • Prep saltwater
  • Roast egg
  • Roast zroah
  • Wash and check karpas
  • Wash and check marror - lettuce (and bag it to be super organized)
  • Grate horseradish
  • Make enough charoses for both nights

Other things to think about:

  • Open boxes of Matzah (often the boxes are taped shut, and the tape has writing on it)
  • Make sure hagados are at the home where you’ll be eating the seder
  • Open wine bottles/grape juice/drinks in advance (make sure you have a Pesach corkscrew!)
  • Set timer on lights, AC, and hot plates (don't forget seder night ends late so set accordingly!)
  • Light a 3-day candle (this can also be used for havdala that will be made seder night)

Oh, last thing:

  • Try and grab a rest on Shabbos afternoon before the seder night but one must not say 'I'm resting for the seder'.

NOTE: This is a *practical* list for busy, where-did-I-put-the-Windex moms. This is not a halachic guide, so please check with your lor for exact times and appropriate halachos.

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