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Newness in the Details

I often search for ways to add freshness to days that feel boring

Point of focus

Newness in the Details


What this means

The tiresome nature of regular humdrum daily life is inevitable. It isn’t easy to kindle newness and excitement amidst the mundane, especially during months with no Yamim Tovim to prepare for or milestones to look forward to. I often search for ways to add freshness to days that feel boring. Focusing on the details in the broader, duller picture brings out excitement in what could have been unremarkable.


To Do

Find a detail within the monotony that brings you pleasure and brightens your day. Photograph it and record your observation in words

I’ve captured details of my children’s clothing or little stuffed animals. Details help me to take pleasure in small things and to march forward with more purpose and enthusiasm.

  • “When you bravely picked up the tiny frog you found outside, I was sure you’d procured the key to the club called Boyhood. Your muddy hand introduced a new side of you, and documenting it allowed me to notice it.

I realize how quickly each of these busy days passes, and how easily I’’ll forget all the monumental things you do. The joy of raising you lies not only in watching you grow, but also in the little details of your sweetness — and in my awareness of your experience of life.


Continuing the Journey

This is the last installment of this column — but you can keep the concept going indefinitely. Taking the time to pause and reflect is a key component to becoming a more present, loving mother. Providing ourselves with mediums for deeper insights into our children can bring about both growth and gratitude.

Whether you make it a point to photograph one aspect of your family each week, or even just once a month, tapping into an awareness of the fleeting nature of time will ultimately assist you in freezing it. Look for areas in which you need to grow, and then search out those areas and document them. Consciousness breeds love, and the more conscious you become, the more loving you’ll feel.


(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 763)

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