Magazine Feature
 Zvhil rosh yeshivah and veteran maggid shiur Rav Michel Zilber shares the secret fueling a century of Daf Yomi

By Aryeh Ehrlich and Yisrael A. Groweiss

Magazine Feature
Summoned to bring a double sacrifice, Devory Paley shared her bedrock faith with an entire nation

By Rachel Ginsberg

Magazine Feature
Underground yeshivos that kept the song alive in times of terror and fear

By Tzivia Meth

Magazine Feature
Daas Torah can often surprise us, but the answers to our questions are often clearer than we could have imagined

By Riki Goldstein

Magazine Feature
This is the lost legacy of Bais Yaakov of Lithuania

By Tzipora Weinberg

5783: Year in Review
Eight years after his rise, the fact that the Trump era hasn’t run its course is the biggest political story of the year

By Gedalia Guttentag

5783: Year in Review
It’s hard to remember a year in which the US and Israeli governments engaged in more public squabbles

By Binyamin Rose

5783: Year in Review
The New York Times systematically weaponized its coverage to heap embarrassment on Orthodox institutions and individuals

By Chaskel Bennett

The honey-mustard-mandarin combo creates an entrée that absolutely belongs at a succah table!

By Faigy Grossman

Family First Serial
“So Mama, we got to talking with Marjorie on the subway,” he began, “and would you believe she doesn’t have a place for the Sedorim?”

By Miriam Zakon

5783: Year in Review
A repeat of the 2020 election looks to be in store

By Maury Litwack


By Bassi Gruen

5783: Year in Review
We need to put the genie back into the bottle, to calm the secular public’s fear that we’re going to force our will on them

By Rabbi Yitzchok Pindrus

Family Reflections
We’re not in charge of the outcome

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe