The seudah was beautiful. But I feel empty inside

By Chany Galitzky

Magazine Feature
While his concerts attract capacity crowds from the entire spectrum of Israeli society and his albums have gone gold, he still only wants to sing about the Borei Olam

By Rachel Ginsberg

If you do live here, you know what it means to choose to believe in the decency — or at least the pragmatism — of most of our neighbors

By Shoshana Friedman

Magazine Feature
A century after Endurance sank, modern explorers found the ship intact, as if it were waiting 107 years for its sailors to return

By Yisrael Rutman

Magazine Feature
Melbourne’s Jews emerge from the longest lockdown

By David Damen

The Beat
The sheer weight of chareidi numbers is set to reshape Jewish life as we know it, in ways yet unfathomed.

By Gedalia Guttentag

The Rose Report
If Israel were to be found blameless, would anyone believe it and report it?

By Binyamin Rose

Washington Wrap
The images of empty shelves are reminiscent of Venezuela, where citizens have to stand in line to buy essential commodities

By Omri Nahmias


By Mishpacha Readers

These are decadent, cheesy, and crispy

By Michal Frischman

The Moment
The Rosh Yeshivah wanted to convey his gratitude — and with nothing less than an in-person visit

By Shmuel Botnick and Yosef Herz

It can be prepared in advance and often tastes even better the second time around

By Rivky Kleiman

Voice in the Crowd
Rabi Shimon saw deeper, finding the hope under the despair, the smile beneath the pain. As we dance to his songs, we are just reflecting that vision.

By Yisroel Besser

Add some whiskey for an extra kick

By Naomi Nachman