Jr. Feature
Famous Business Rivalries

By Malka Winner

Teen Diary Serial
Would the wilderness ever end? Would we ever make it to civilization again?

By Chaya Basra

Story Time
“How dare you try bribing me!” Marat drew his sword in fury

By Y. Bromberg

Building Dreams
“There’s nothing more we can do for him,” Mama whispered through her pain

By Malka Grunhaus

Don’t cry, don’t make a fool out of yourself. Seriously, Mimi, get a grip, it’s just grades.

By Rochel Samet

Works for Me
One of the toughest parts of making a career transition like this is proving that your experience is indeed valuable

By Shaina Keren

On your Mark
Rivka Alt helps teens spy out the leader in themselves.

By Tova Hirsh

“My sister’s coworker knows a boy. He’s single.” “That’s exactly what Nechama’s looking for!” says Tatty

By Nechama Gutwein

The seudah was beautiful. But I feel empty inside

By Chany Galitzky

Magazine Feature
A century after Endurance sank, modern explorers found the ship intact, as if it were waiting 107 years for its sailors to return

By Yisrael Rutman

The Rose Report
If Israel were to be found blameless, would anyone believe it and report it?

By Binyamin Rose