Feature Articles
Mistakes are part of life. When they happen, we usually just swallow our pride, apologize if necessary, and move on. But some small mistakes had ramifications that changed world h ...

By Ahuva Sofer

Feature Articles
Meet four fantastic rebbeim who host upsheren boys on this special day for a peek behind the scenes!

By Yehuda Bromberg

Yosef Chaim

By Shira Yehudit Djalilmand

Close Call
We went from one “You too? I thought I was the only one!” to another. To my surprise, I found myself sharing my most intense thoughts and feelings, things I rarely told anyone

By Devoiry Braunstein

Dinner Hour

By Tehila Kohanim

Shul with a View
The last words I ever heard from my rebbi

By Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

Feature Articles
She’s only 28, but Maryland State Delegate Dalya Attar is the highest ranking elected Orthodox female in american history. Balancing her career with religion and family isn’t easy ...

By Margie Pensak

Family Matters
A discussion of what not to say would surely include the following question about a dementia patient: “Does he still recognize you?”

By Joan Zlotnick

Center Stage
Once again, Gabriella had displayed her knack for saying just what the other person needed to hear. No wonder Huvy had been so smitten, before—

By Gila Arnold

Blessings do not create anything new within the natural world

By Faigy Peritzman