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Dinner Hour with Tehila Kohanim

Wife, Office manager, and procurement manager

Cooking for 2+ plenty of guests

Givat Shmuel, Israel


My husband and I moved to Israel around a year and a half ago. Since then, between work, adjusting to a new country, and being newly married, I also decided to start an Instagram account dedicated to all things food. Why? Simply because I love cooking and I wanted to share that passion.
From a young age, I always loved helping my amazing mother in the kitchen. I saw how much she and my grandmothers loved cooking, and it made me love being in the kitchen as well. My family’s heritage is a mixture of Italian, Persian, Israeli, and American, so I grew up eating and learning about all different kinds of foods from diverse cultures. We made and appreciated it all: Ashkenazi potato kugel, Italian focaccia, Persian ghormeh sabzi, and Israeli shawarma. All this really expanded my palate and influenced my cooking today. As a full-time working woman, dinner hour can sometimes be a stressful time. So in my house, it must be streamlined into a fast and easy process. When I look at a recipe, I always think how I can remake it in a fraction of the time. Between balancing work and household responsibilities, we don’t really have time for a complicated recipe that requires a large number of bowls and condiments, and needs hours to prepare and cook! I wanted to share this specific recipe because it’s customizable according to everyone’s taste, doesn’t take a
lot of time to make, and is delicious. Trust me, you won’t be sorry you made it!

What’s your worst-case scenario dinner?

I make eggs (fried, boiled, or scrambled) and salad, or quesadillas. They’re fi lling and require very little effort.

How do you camouflage leftovers?

If it’s meat, I just shred it up, char some tortillas, slice up some favorites vegetables, and have meat wraps for dinner. If it’s rice, I make a super-easy fried rice.

What is your oh-mygosh-I-forgot-to-defrost-the-chicken supper?

Chicken soup, especially when I use frozen chicken breast. While I’m preparing the vegetables for the soup, I let the chicken thaw a bit in warm water. Then while it’s still slightly frozen, I slice it with a very sharp knife, salt it, and dump it into the soup. It will defrost and cook with all the vegetables in the simmering water.

Do you serve a post-dinner snack?

In my house, this is a must. I try to always have healthier options around like gluten-free lemon cookies, gluten-free peanut butter brownies etc., to satisfy our sweet tooth in a healthier way.

What are five ingredients your fingers touch as a default made-up dinner recipe?

Sautéed onions, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and some sort of herb.

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(Originally featured in FamilyTable 643)

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