From My Table
For Chanukah this year, I had a mission to really highlight the dishes we make for our own families (as opposed to for parties), where mistakes are welcome.

By Chani Nayman

New York strip steaks are slices of French roast, the best roast out there. Here they’re dredged in a flavorful batter, deep-fried, and served medium rare. Need I say more?

By Rivky Kleiman

There’s nothing I love more than a friend challenging me to come up with a recipe for a concept they’ve seen around so that they can bring it to their own home.

By Chani Nayman

This salad is anything but same old

By Rivky Kleiman

One need not be a gadol hador to acquire the middah of being nosei b’ol im chaveiro

By Dr Meir Wikler

Family First Feature
After years of R&D, Lea Pavel shares her Shabbos makeup protocol

By Lea Pavel

It had been 24 years of what-ifs

By Devorie Kreiman

Dream On
This was her 31st year teaching, but her heart still quickened at the sight of this new group of young women, and the knowledge of what this year held in store for each of them

By Gila Arnold

Family Reflections
Should we encourage our kids to conform?

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Magazine Feature
 Medical researcher Moshe Rogosnitzky taps existing drugs for new uses

By Refoel Pride