By Chavi Feldman

This healthy muffin will have your family begging for more

By Faigy Grossman

5 out of 10
Every Elul zeman begins ambitiously

By Dovid Bashevkin

Know This
As your daughter’s eim bayit, I’ll tell her the things you forgot to tell her.

By Esther Ilana Rabi

Standing Ovation
Shlomo Hill, since sixth grade you’ve been my inspiration. Yehei zichro baruch

By Dovid Nachman Golding

Earth to Zalmi
I’ll be sitting on a spaceship for five days until I reach Boruch’s planet

By Faigy Gut

50 Reasons
I don’t love the idea of writing in a journal. I do enough writing at school, so why is my mother giving me extra homework?

By Ariella Stern

Magazine Feature
The Catskills slow lane is just the ticket for this Woodridge traffic judge

By Yisroel Besser