Jr. Feature
The strangest, oldest, and most crucial supplies for your education

By Leeba Leichtman

Earth to Zalmi
I’ll be sitting on a spaceship for five days until I reach Boruch’s planet

By Faigy Gut

Story Time
The girl then told them another secret. The key to the chest was hidden with her when the pirates attacked

By Y. Bromberg

Win or Lose
It seemed strange but wonderful that this little boy, Yitzy Levinson, cared more about lonely old Mr. Greenbaum than he did about winning any prize

By Chaim Finkelstein

50 Reasons
I don’t love the idea of writing in a journal. I do enough writing at school, so why is my mother giving me extra homework?

By Ariella Stern

Eye on Europe
What explains Donald Trump’s recent offer to buy the territory from Denmark?

By Gedalia Guttentag

Teen Feature
“Personally, I feel everyone should be competing against themselves, not against each other"

By Sarah Einhorn

Metro & Beyond
More than 63,000 have already arrived, with another 20,000 on the way

By Yochonon Donn

Teen Fiction
“Role models, my foot. This kid is obsessed, and somebody has to tell her to find friends her own age!”

By Chevy Kepecs

True Account
Nine hours is a long time to be hanging in limbo at the gates of Death. But that’s how long we kept our heads above water in the Kinneret

By Aryeh Ehrlich

Family First Feature
Many schools teach the what; Sara Devora Chrysler teaches the why

By Shoshana R. Meiri