Family First Feature
Always laughing, always teaching, always learning, Rebbetzin Temi Kamenetsky brought thousands closer to Torah

By Elisheva Appel

Family First Feature
Behind every couple's fight is a yearning to reconnect; how EFT can change their dance

By Penina Flug LCSW

Family First Inbox
"If Klal Yisrael can’t learn that the only perfection in the world is Hashem, then we will never be able to properly guide our students"

By Family First Readers

Family First Inbox
"So yes, not everyone is narcissistic. But if the person is… it’s very, very relevant"

By Family First Readers

Family Living
There’s usually a lonely box of wax paper somewhere. Here are a few great uses

By Chanie Nayman

Family Tempo
I knew my husband's neshamah was waiting for chalitzah

By Raizel Rosenberg

A Better You
What you need to know about eczema

By Family First Contributors

She’d just had a baby—and she was discussing peanut-butter sandwiches

By Sarah Tovah Braha

Text Messages
Thirty-three percent of Jews raised Orthodox do not continue to identify with Orthodoxy as adults

By Eytan Kobre

From My Table
Yes, it’s just another salad recipe but, also, it’s not just another salad recipe.

By Chanie Nayman


By Elana Katz

Off the Eaten Path
What does one need for a road trip? After planning routes, itineraries, and hotels, all that’s left is figuring out what to take along.

By Naomi Nachman

To create a new home, there must be some separation from the old one 

By Faigy Schonfeld

Magazine Feature
Gateshead’s Doddy Gurwicz fuses Torah royalty with cutting-edge science

By Yoni Klajn