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Living Higher: Issue 959

Do the math — the profit is one thousand times the maaser

Moshe Davis of Chicago is one of the dedicated askanim who works tirelessly on arranging the annual H3 Summit, a conference that gathers working bnei Torah for an infusion of inspiration and education. The attendees are inspired to recognize the importance of their mission as Hashem’s representatives in very secular environments.

This year’s Summit ran from February 28 until March 1, attended by thousands from across the country and beyond. One specific attendee had been reluctant to come, and only relented after a heavy dose of persuasion from a friend.

He attended the various classes and forums and found himself particularly drawn by the session focusing on the importance of maaser kesafim, tithing one’s income.

Realizing his performance in this area could stand some improvement, he immediately deposited a sum of $1,126.00 into a maaser account. The transfer is tagged “February 28, 2023.”

Two months later, on April 28, the reluctant attendee sent a text to his friend, the one who had convinced him to come to the summit.

I’ve been stuck with a building since April 2022, and I’ve tried every segulah to move it, the message read. 10 days after the transfer, the deal went into contract, and it BH closed today. Take a look at the net wire from closing.

And below was a screenshot that listed the net profit to seller: $1,126, 223.32.

Do the math — the profit is one thousand times the maaser, except that Hashem threw in an extra 223.32 for good measure.

The receiver forwarded the text to Moshe Davis, so he could share in the satisfaction of the ripple effects of his efforts.

U’vechanuni na bazos,” says Hashem, “test Me on this.” Test Me on the brachah inherent in the mitzvah of maaser kesafim.

Test Me and I’ll pass.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 959)

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