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Lift Your Doodles off the Page

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Doodling isn’t just something you do when you’re bored anymore. Thanks to the 3Doodler pen, you can turn your doodle into something as real as your lunchbox. When Toby from Lakewood, NJ, discovered a 3Doodler pen in a craft store, she knew she’d found more than just a pen, and that’s how 3D Learning was born

Toby bought the pen and sat down with her kids for a couple of hours of fun. It didn’t take long for her to realize that you don’t need to be an artist to make something great with the 3Doodler. Toby turned the fun activity into an educational activity. Schools began contacting her for a 3D activity and Toby founded a new business, 3D Learning. Under the Educational Technology Grant, she began distributing to schools. Today, schools and summer camps enjoy 3D workshops as an extracurricular activity.

Writing cursive becomes fun when you do it with a 3Doodler pen. Just ask a class of boys who finished learning how to write cursive and wrote their names with 3D pens. Other schools such as Bnos Bais Yaakov High School and Bais Shaindel High School in Lakewood held 3Doodling events as part of a Rosh Chodesh and Chanukah activity. Hundreds of girls traced out the school logo and then inserted it into a small, transparent sphere to hang on their shirts or use as a key ring.

 What Are People Saying?

At first, most users react just like Rochel, a first-time 3D user: “Help! The plastic is coming out too fast!” But you get the hang of it after a minute. The plastic sticks to the paper template. When it hardens, you just peel it off and there’s a key chain, a pair of sunglasses, a camera case, or your school logo. 3D creations can also be personalized by adding an initial.

What else are kids making? Anything and everything.

 Anything and Everything

You can make it all with your 3Doodler pen.

  • Want to wow the food aficionados? Stamp your cookies with your personalized cookie imprint or top your cake with your personalized cake topper.
  • Tired of hearing your siblings fight over places at the table? Make place cards.
  • Looking to liven up your little brother’s bedtime story? Add a visual aid by making a stencil of a character in the story, putting it over a flashlight, and shining it on the wall for a shadow show.
  • Reluctant to throw away the seashells you collected? Doodle onto them and create memorable keepsakes.
  • Tired of that broken buckle on your camera strap? Make a new one.
 3Doodling for Everyone

When 11-year-old Dina fell ill with mono, she didn’t know how much she’d be missing out. Keeping up with schoolwork was challenging, but even harder than that was missing out on having fun with her friends. Tziri, a volunteer who came three times a week to help her keep up with her work, realized that Dina needed some serious cheering up. She decided to spice up her time spent with Dina by bringing 3D pens for Dina to enjoy. Dina is naturally artistic and used the pens very creatively. When Dina’s family began planning her bas mitzvah party, Dina’s heart wasn’t really in it. She felt distant from the friends she’d hardly seen all year. Then Tziri suggested including the 3Doodler pens in her special day.

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 729)


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