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Shimon Breitkopf
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Roizy Baum
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Yael Schuster
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Chananel Shapiro
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S.T. Agam
If Only You Knew
"There’s a conception out there that policemen walk around shooting wantonly. In my experience and training, that’s hardly the truth"
Chaya Inselburg
Akeida Moments
Sometimes I’d believe I could slip into it, if I could just find the portal to enter. A place that would accept me, quirks and all.
Esther Kurtz
Akeida Moments
“I accept Your Will Hashem,” I whispered, “I accept this nisayon, please just give me the koach.”
Avigayil Wein
Torah Thought
Torah leaders confronting the Enlightenment were forced to develop innovative and original approaches to preserving and transmitting the mesorah. Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch’s groundbreaking commentary on Chumash stands out.
Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff
Sisters Share
In this new column, we’ll meet wonderful girls who all have siblings with special needs, and they’ll share with us how they feel about being “special” sisters
C. Rosen
Hasty but Tasty
Yes, yes, we know we’re very gourmet. Except for the times that we’re not.
FamilyTable Contributors
Hasty but Tasty
Want to give your summer a final goodbye? Here are the recipes that you need to try before closing the door on this season in the sun.
Mishpacha Staff
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Sgt. Yosef Cohen Hy”d paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Am Yisrael, but sent a message of hope from Above to his grieving family

By C.S. Teitelbaum

True Account

Everything I know about Judaism, I learned in prison

By Shawn Michael Yosef Balva

True Account

I felt pulled to Eretz Yisrael in ways I couldn’t explain. What had happened to the atheist within me?

By Barbara Bensoussan

True Account

I scaled the world’s highest mountain tethered to my faith

By Yael Schuster

True Account

Lost, drenched, and despairing, I had nowhere to spend Shabbos

By Yitti Bisk

True Account

Don’t stop reading. This is important — for you as a teen, for you as a parent, for you as a person with a soul

By Brachah Tov