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The Lens: Issue 914

A tangible reminder of a kiddush Hashem that is truly living

IN a postscript to the now well-known story and viral video about the 8th graders from Yeshiva Torah Vodaath who inspired their Jewish, albeit nonreligious, secular studies teacher to start donning tefillin daily [one of the weaker students bet the teacher that if he’d score 100 on the upcoming midterm, the teacher would agree to wear tefillin for the rest of the year, the boy studied like crazy, aced the test, the teacher stuck to his word, and then began wearing tzitizis and a yarmulke], a viewer wanted the boys to both appreciate the impact of their actions and realize their sense of mission in being mekadeish Sheim Shamayim. He called Rabbi Shraga Freedman, the author of Living Kiddush Hashem (ArtScroll/Mesorah), and told him he wants to sponsor books for all the boys. Rabbi Freedman happily arranged for two dozen books to be sent to the appreciative class, giving them a tangible reminder of a kiddush Hashem that is truly living.


(Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 914)

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