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Whenever she comes home and tells me she bought herself a gift, I know it’s another learning book


Made Her Day



My mother, Malkie


As I read through the Family First, I saw the words “Make Her Day” and knew I needed to write in. Whose day would I make? My mother’s, of course.

When I was one-and-a-half, my parents divorced, and my older sister and I grew up in my mother’s home. Being a single mom couldn’t have been easy, but she did it with so much grace, it seemed simple.

My mother works full time, yet is still a full-time mother, taking care of all our errands, meeting all our physical and emotional needs, baking homemade challah and cookies, doling out constant hugs and warmth — and that’s just the beginning.

As I grew older, I noticed that most divorced homes didn’t look like mine. In my home, my mother never bashed my father. She did all she could to provide us with normalcy. She was never down or depressed; she took her situation and rocked it! My home was always filled with love, warmth, care, and a true understanding that all Hashem does is for the best.

My mother’s night table is filled with books like Living Emunah, Living Inspired, and others. Whenever she comes home and tells me she bought herself a gift, I know it’s another learning book.

When my father passed away, my mother went above and beyond by letting me and my sister sit shivah in her home, being a true hostess to all those that came to be menachem avel. She listened to our good memories of him, she allowed his cousins and friends into our home, and most importantly, she held our hands as well as our hearts.

I wish I could make her day by giving her a gift certificate to a Judaica store, so she can get more of those books she enjoys — just a small way to show her just how much I love her and look up to her.

—Nechama Juskowicz



We’re word people — big believers in the power of the written word to transform people’s lives. That’s why we turned to ArtScroll / Mesorah, the company that transformed today’s Jewish life by making Torah and inspiration easily accessible to everyone, at every age, regardless of background. ArtScroll / Mesorah generously offered to give Malkie Juskowicz a tour of their offices, to let her see where it all starts, as well as new seforim and books to help her continue down her path of learning and growth.


I’m really touched that my daughter thought of me in such a positive way and entered me into the contest. Getting a bunch of new books will really make my day!


(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 760)

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