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A Day to Herself          

Sarah does so much for everyone in her life. Can we give her a day that’s just for her?


Made Her Day

A Mishpacha reader



My friend, Sarah

Sarah is an incredible woman carrying so many burdens. Her husband, who suffers from a debilitating chronic illness that severely affects his ability to be a father and husband, is unable to contribute to their household emotionally or financially, and she’s in effect a single mother to her large family.

Several of her children have special needs, and she carries the burden of parnassah, balancing a few different jobs, without the benefit of family nearby who can pitch in and take over. She has to manage so many different crises while dealing with the pressures of everyday life.

Sarah literally doesn’t have a moment for herself; she’s busy from 8 a.m. until 3 a.m., with work, her children, and with her husband. She can only dream of having time and space for herself — something so simple, yet vital for inner peace. That’s what I’d like to give her.

I know just the sort of day she’d want. First, I’d make sure someone else takes her phone for the day, so she can have some peace. I’d start with her visiting a museum in the Old City, then going to the Kosel to daven. Sarah is an artist, with a wonderful sense of aesthetics that she does not often get to indulge, so after that, I’d love for her to do some shopping — buy something to beautify her home, get some of the art supplies she loves, pick up some food for lunch at a cafe. Then I’d invite her to my house, making sure that no one’s home, so that she can have the space she craves. She can spend the afternoon creating art in peace and quiet, then end the day by ordering takeout for supper.

Sarah does so much for everyone in her life. Can we give her a day that’s just for her?

—Her dear friend, Vered



We were awed by Shoshana’s description — by the burden that Sarah carries and by how much she’s giving to others. And we’re grateful to the Mishpacha reader who’s sponsoring $250 to give Sarah a day that will leave her feeling refreshed and reenergized, so she can continue to care for her family with her characteristic grace and strength.


Just anticipating this wonderful break is already giving me a feeling of joy and serenity. It’s something to look forward to that I can focus on when the going is tough.


(Originally featured in Family First, Issue 760)

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