Teen Feature
Four teens share their experiences of how they escaped from their personal prisons… to freedom

By Avigail Rabinowitz

I can’t even face my best friend anymore, because no one understands

By Rochel Samet

Teen Fiction
I knew exactly what my mother meant by “organizing and cleaning” my closet for Pesach. I would need a miracle to please her

By Roizy Baum

Out of Step
Ma makes sense, she really does, but I just feel so heavy and gross, and I miss ballet so much, I completely lose myself

By Ariella Schiller

I knew that one day I would just have to explode. Which I did, on the shabbaton

By Devorah Grant

Movin on Up
Chaya rethinks her assessment of what an ideal workplace looks like

By Leah Greenburg

Five top international badchanim, who share their experiences and perspectives from the very heart of the Jewish wedding

By Riki Goldstein

The back stage has been revealed as the only stage. And the audience? Only G-d

By Miriam Kosman

Jr. Feature
Destination: the USSR – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as “Russia”

By Malka Grunhaus

A Gift Passed Along
“You, my friend, should be walking around with a camera all day”

By Nachman Hellman

Second Thoughts
We are all united in our loneliness and in our faith that before long all this will be behind us

By Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

Editor's Letter
What is that elusive value, principle, legacy you hope to transmit?

By Shoshana Friedman