Teen Feature
Four teens share their experiences of how they escaped from their personal prisons… to freedom

By Avigail Rabinowitz

I can’t even face my best friend anymore, because no one understands

By Rochel Samet

Teen Fiction
I knew exactly what my mother meant by “organizing and cleaning” my closet for Pesach. I would need a miracle to please her

By Roizy Baum

Out of Step
Ma makes sense, she really does, but I just feel so heavy and gross, and I miss ballet so much, I completely lose myself

By Ariella Schiller

I knew that one day I would just have to explode. Which I did, on the shabbaton

By Devorah Grant

Movin on Up
Chaya rethinks her assessment of what an ideal workplace looks like

By Leah Greenburg

A Promise Kept
My companions  — along with the bag I was counting on to keep us alive — vanished in the chaos

By Yael Schuster

A Gift Passed Along
And that was it. Zeide was forced to simply step over the body and keep marching without pause

By Adina Stilerman

Why I Do What I Do
No longer would I be a businessman who squeezed in some medical consulting between meetings. From now on, I realized, I had to devote the bulk of my day to medical advocacy

By Sandy Eller

Magazine Feature
What exactly happened to the grapes and wines described in Tanach, Mishnah, and Gemara? The quest to decant new wines from ancient grapes

By Gershon Burstyn

It’s walking through the sea while G-d turns the world upside down, it’s shaking in awe of His power to upend the natural order and create a nation

By Rachael Lavon

A Gift Passed Along
But that wasn’t all: next Rav Yaakov Meir spoke of the heart — the Yiddishe heart! 

By Avraham Elbaz