Magazine Feature
50 years later: Shedding new light on the politics and players of a war whose stakes were nothing short of survival

By Rachel Ginsberg

Magazine Feature
How can we spare our fellow Jews from the calamity of cremation?

By Fruma Krakowski

Magazine Feature
Rabbi Yochanan Stepen transformed the Torah landscape of Los Angeles

By Barbara Bensoussan

The Beat
From geopolitics to tech titan spats, this past year has been defined by several major clashes that look set to dominate 5784 as well

By Yaakov Lipszyc

Knesset Channel
The Yom Kippur War's enduring impact on Israel's politics 

By Avi Blum, ESQ

Halls of Power
Forgive or forget? Maury Litwack on political mea culpas 

By Maury Litwack

The Moment
A mesorah from the Brisker Rav that any extra time on Yom Kippur should be devoted to saying Tehillim

By Shmuel Botnick and Yosef Herz

The Moment
Closeup tales of greatness

By Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg


By Toby Schorr

Family Reflections
Let’s use the power of Yom Kippur to clear our brains of the negative

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

Jolly Solly
The troublesome two faced each other, fists clenched — but were distracted by Jolly Solly’s voice nearby

By R. Atkins

Works for Me
Your boss knows he needs help and is willing to pay well for it, but that doesn’t mean he knows how to delegate

By Shaina Keren

Story Time
“So… the boy I thought I killed because of my creation survived after all.” Shabsi stared at Sylvester

By Y. Bromberg

He wasn’t sure what he had done today to annoy Libby, but it was very possible the answer was “breathing”

By Ariella Schiller