For brothers Rabbi Manis Friedman and Avraham Fried, it’s always been about the message they imbibed growing up
Magazine Feature
In Antwerp's diamond district, some frum stalwarts refuse to cut and run

By Riki Goldstein

Eye on Europe
Five key insights to know about Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni

By Yaakov Lipszyc

Knesset Channel
Even during summer vacation, no rest from political unrest

By Avi Blum, ESQ

The Rose Report
As Republican presidential candidates face off at the GOP's first debate next week, here's a Who's Who of the debate stage

By Binyamin Rose

“You ask, where is aveilus? It’s been watered down to unseen levels. It is collateral damage, a victim of 2023”

By Mishpacha Readers

The Moment
It became clear that there was something bigger at play here

By Shmuel Botnick and Yosef Herz

For the Record
“If one sets out to produce only generals, who knows if there will be any soldiers?”

By Dovi Safier and Yehuda Geberer

Jolly Solly
“Jumbo’s eaten something that has disagreed with him,” replied the vet, drying his hands.  “He’s got indigestion — kind of a big stomachache”

By R. Atkins

A Heaping Scoop
Does it make a difference which mushrooms I use?

By FamilyTable Contributors

Teen Serial
“Naomi. Can you just tell me what happened at that park? You’re scaring me”

By Ariella Schiller

Using fresh coarsely ground coffee in a dark roast, I experimented with four methods to see which one yielded the best flavor with relative ease.

By Sina Mizrahi

Double Take
Our dream vacation turned a family simchah into a sibling drama

By Rochel Samet

For the past few days, he’d been waiting for a sign, an omen, a smoke signal — anything at all — to show him what his next step should be

By Ariella Schiller