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A Heaping Scoop: Mushrooms

In a Nutshell:

Updated Corn Salad

This is a quick and easy salad made from staples you have in your pantry. Drain 3 cans of corn and put into a bowl. Add a can of Israeli cucumbers in brine, diced, and 12 cup sliced black olives. For the dressing mix 3 heaping Tbsp mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to taste, and a dash of chili lime spice. Mix and enjoy!

—Chaya Surie Goldberger

FT, help me!!

How do you make a perfect burger? How do you get it to not fall apart?

The best trick to not have your burger fall apart is to mix in all your additions just until combined, and handle the mixture as little as possible.

Make sure to preheat your oven or grill and spray it right before adding your burger. Allow the burger to cook for three to four minutes before turning. It’s best to not flip it more than once.

—Rivky Kleiman

Just Sayin’

Does it make a difference if I use regular white button mushrooms instead of portobello or cremini whenever a recipe calls for those? What about canned mushrooms — eek!

Actually, all three mushrooms are one and the same, but they’re at different stages of maturity. Think of white button mushrooms as the baby — the mildest in flavor and also the most tender. Cremini, also known as baby bella mushrooms, are the teenager — more flavorful, and also denser and more meaty. Portobellos are the most mature, “full-grown” mushrooms. They tend to be the most robust in flavor and much larger, and are often sold as just the cap. So yes, they’re all quite interchangeable, but keep in mind that you may be sacrificing flavor and texture if you use one for the other.

Regarding canned mushrooms, I can’t say I’ve never used them in a pinch! They definitely don’t have the same flavor or texture as fresh, but they still add an earthy note to your dish. I find that they can be doctored up if roasted or sautéed.

—Chavi Feldman

Ok, Quick:

Fleishigs or milchigs?

Hmmm… am I cooking or being served?

I love all things cheese, but most of my family doesn’t. So I guess I’d answer fleishigs because it’s more likely to satisfy more of my family.

—Faigy Grossmann


(Originally featured in Family Table, Issue 856)

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