Jr. Feature

By J.S. Wolin

Teen Feature
Through the masterful notes and melodies of her music, Chayala Neuhaus offers a heartfelt soundtrack to our life’s journey.

By Rivki Silver

Jr. Feature
“If you have a good voice, it’s a gift from Hashem and a responsibility”

By J.S. Wolin

Jr. Serial
But now… it’s happened, somehow; I feel like I have a place here. I have friends.

By Rochel Samet

Jr. Fiction
Mendy stalks toward me, hand outstretched. I shriek until Mommy comes onto the porch to see what’s going on

By Ariella Schiller

Teen Serial
I stand up, hyperaware that every eye in my class is upon me, and hobble toward Ma.

By Ariella Schiller

Jr. Serial
If they get home too close to Shabbos, Mommy’s never going to let them wander the woods again on a Friday afternoon

By Bashie Lisker

Magazine Feature
Has the Pentagon been hiding information on extraterrestrial life from the public for decades?

By Yaakov Lipszyc

Pendulum: Succos Supplement 5784
How is that relevant to a Jewish view of medicine?

By Rabbi Edward Reichman

Their eyes met. In a single glance, his companion saw it all: the pain, the memories, the longing, the approaching end

By Noa Offek

Family First Feature
I cannot change her—but I can change myself

By Zahava Gold

From My Table
I think this was the first “dessert” I ever made as a kid, but the results have always been so mediocre. The reason this method is so much better is because it’s super thin, super ...

By Chanie Nayman

“Why am I not surprised,” he spat out. “I ask for no gifts, I ask that they respect our boundaries. Does anyone listen? Nope”

By Ariella Schiller