Jr. Feature
NASA believes it’s time to revisit the moon

By Sivi Sekula

Jolly Solly
“What a dreadful racket!” he complained. “There’s no need to break the door down”

By R. Atkins

True Colors
If you looked at me you wouldn’t necessarily notice anything different about me

By Chaya Rosen

Jr. Fiction
Smadar looks at Margalit. “What should I write? The Jewish story? The history of the Jews?”

By Malka Winner

This test… this is not what it’s really all about. This isn’t going to decide anything. It’s all been decided already

By Rochel Samet

Jr. Serial
Reading about school and attending one are two very, very different matters

By Rochel Samet

Story Time
Sack on his back, forbidden to taste hot food even once during the three years of exile, Reb Meir set off into the unknown

By Y. Bromberg

From My Table
Fries are the most popular comfort food in my house. Here, we recreated a shawarma fries dish we ordered recently, except we used steak instead of shawarma. Try it either way!

By Chanie Nayman

Knesset Channel
Justice Minister Yariv Levin is determined to cut Israel's High Court down to size 

By Avi Blum, ESQ

The Moment
“Neither Torah study nor ruchniyus are the domain of only the scholars and the most pious”

By Shmuel Botnick and Yosef Herz

Here’s a fun way of turning Ramen into a delicious dish

By Rivky Kleiman

The twin legacies of Torah and chesed of Antwerp’s Rav Chaim Kreiswirth ztz"l will always endure 

By Riki Goldstein

Theme Section: Open Secrets
So many of us carry secrets — some heavy, some light. Some that mean nothing, and some that change everything. Six writers tell stories of secrets kept, shared, and revealed

By Family First Contributors