Jr. Feature
A Beis Hamikdash Diary

By Sivi Sekula

In the Spirit

By Chaya Rosen

Jolly Solly
“Why don’t you tell me all about your machzor,” said Jolly Solly. “It does sound like a very valuable item”

By R. Atkins

I’m not sure if I’d be clinically diagnosed as an actual germophobe, but germs really creep me out, much more so than my friends

By Shoshana Itzkowitz

Teen Diary Serial
“Today, as we say goodbye to our four years in high school, we leave as changed people”

By Miriam Ribiat

They go through this every year — Ella insisting on one last get-together before she and her parents leave for their annual exotic Pesach hotel experience

By Rochel Samet

Story Time
“We have no choice but to partake in one last military expedition.” The generals passed the message along the ranks, and it spread like wildfire from Jew to Jew

By Y. Bromberg

Building Dreams
I took a deep breath. We found hand-me-downs for Leiba, Miriam, and Yisroel, but there was nothing of mine that could be fixed to fit me

By Malka Grunhaus

Connection Everywhere: Yom Kippur Theme 5783
For 18 months, my husband and I drove up to the kibbutz from Bnei Brak every single Shabbos

By Sarah Pardes

Magazine Feature
Was that soothing presence a savior or saboteur?

By Bracha Toiv

Family First Inbox
“With brave people like you sounding the alarm, hopefully by the time my children are parents, it will change. It must change”

By Family First Readers

Washington Wrap
What are some features of the past year we would like to leave behind?

By Omri Nahmias

A Better You
Here are five more of the lessons I’ve learned — and I’m still learning

By Family First Contributors

Job Search
A good travel agent is organized, detail-oriented, a good multitasker, and eager to learn, research and discover new information about destinations

By Gila Arnold