Incredible Lab
Use colored Chanukah oil and some spinning power to create your own tornado vortex

By Yochanan Ghoori

Incredible Lab
Watch Yochanan Ghoori's homemade tornado!

By Yochanan Ghoori

This dish is truly Shabbos-Chanukah worthy… It’s so soft and juicy.

By Chavi Feldman

The Soapbox
Europe's Jewish communities — most at risk from Europe’s Islamists — becomes the first victim of the policy designed to protect them

By Gedalia Guttentag

The Moment
Rav Yitzchak Shlomo Ungar had no biological children, but his kever is often surrounded by petitioners

By Shuki Lehrer

The Moment
"Rav Shlomo Wolbe ztz”l, that every six months spent in all-day learning earlier in life is worth years later on"

By Mishpacha Staff

The Struggle Is the Goal
We each have our own private quests, those goals we tried — or keep trying — to achieve. As we struggle and strive, the process becomes its own destination

By Ahuva Holzer

Family First Feature
Through her husband’s battle for his life, composer Sarah Dukes sings of faith and courage

By Musia Slavin