Jr. Feature
The Limberts looked determined. “There are so many unexplored and mysterious caves hiding in those remote jungles”

By Chaya Rosen

Jolly Solly
“Now I need to find the thieves,” said Jolly Solly. He looked quite unlike his usual jolly self

By R. Atkins

Story Time
“Were you told where to find the Sambatyon River in your dream, Uncle Baruch?”

By Y. Bromberg

Double Dance
“I’m sorry,” her mother said. “There were so many times I wanted to tell you about Chaya, but I just couldn’t"

By Bracha Rosman

50 Reasons
Being encouraged by your teacher to talk to your friend during class? That totally deserves to be on my list of awesome things about making aliyah!

By Ariella Stern

The Road Home
And I… I’m okay being me, even if I’m not entirely sure who that is

By Malka Winner

Out of Step
She perches on her bed and looks at me. “Bella Rena…Naftoli has, uh, been asked to leave yeshivah for a little while”

By Ariella Schiller

A deliciously crunchy salmon recipe

By Daniella Silver

In Variations, I give readers different ways of preparing each dish — whether it’s by changing the ingredients or by changing the presentation. I hope my recipes inspire your cook ...

By Daniella Silver

On Topic
How to outsmart illogical thinking

By Lea Pavel

I wasn’t sure how my appearance would go over with the old crowd. I was certain that my new style would trigger confrontational questions, maybe even mockery

By Yehudit Garmaise

From that moment on, every meal, and I mean every meal, was punctuated by passionate singing of the “Rebbetzin song”

By Naama Klein

Mastery of self is one of life’s greatest accomplishments

By Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner